Duran on TV: Piers Morgan and Craig Ferguson

Last night, Duran appeared on not one but two shows here in the States:  Piers Morgan and Craig Ferguson.  This made for a good Friday night but part of me definitely wishes that only one aired at a night to spread out the good stuff!  Anyway, I was able to watch both live and record them so that I could watch them again to give our usual review.

Piers Morgan:
Obviously, I was thrilled that they were on a show that is an hour long and usually features two guests, one for each half of the program.  Duran was to be featured on the second half.  Of course, they were mentioned in the show’s introduction in the usual way with clips of Rio, pictures from the 80s (1982/1983/1984) and more recently (2007), live clips (1993 era with Warren) and statements of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”.  First of all, I’m sick to death of the Rio clips and I’m sick to death of just talking about Duran in terms of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”.  It seems to me that it boxes Duran into a typical rock band and nothing deeper, nothing more interesting.  Despite that lame introduction, I continued to watch and hoped for the best. 

Piers introduced Duran by giving some statistics, including 80 million albums sold, 18 US hits, 30 UK hits, the 13th album AYNIN and latest single Leave a Light On.  That’s fine.  I don’t think it hurts to discuss their success and what they have currently going on.  The show featured Nick, Simon and John.  Before I dive into the meat of the interview, as a Duranie, I must comment on how they looked.  I think that all of three of them (where was Roger, by the way?!) looked good.  They had on decent clothes as Nick was wearing a white button down shirt with a black suit jacket, Simon was in some white t-shirt with a blueish suit jacket and some multi-colored scarf and John in a black button down shirt and green/brown jacket.  Nick was sporting light eyeliner.  Simon’s beard was full but neat.  The most notable feature on John was his hair.  The color with brown as the main color and blonde bangs is good but really…can’t he figure out how to style it?!  It just looked messy and undone. 

I appreciated some of the questions but really wish that some of the questions were different or that Piers had gone more in depth or asked more follow-up questions.  The first question had to do with the changes in America since they had first come.  This question has been talked to death, in my opinion.  They did tell the story about how Andy got them kicked out of the Hyatt in LA, which is a story that has been around but some people might not have known it.  Then, they discussed vinyl and iTunes.  Once again, Nick commented about how illegal downloading is still a problem whereas John seemed much more accepting about how the world is just different now.  I did appreciate the question about Simon’s vocal problems and their reaction to just the question showed how scary it must have been for all of them.  I loved John’s response about how it could it have splintered the group but instead brought them together.  While I hope that John is completely sincere with that statement, it is also a great thing to say publicly.  They need people to believe that this is true.  From there, they discussed the forming of the band and jumping on the New Romantics bandwagon.  Again, I’m a little bored with this line of questioning. 

After a commercial, the discussion continued with a focus on Mark Ronson.  I did like how Piers asked more follow-up questions about how Mark brought the band back to their original sound.  Unfortunately, this lead the discussion to Amy Winehouse and drinking and drugs.  John did respond to this well about how it was fortunate that they were in a band so that the band would pull anyone back if needed.  They had a different level of support than she did.  John stated that they never went as far as heroin and Piers accepted that.  There was no follow up with what Duran did do, which I suppose is okay as the drinking and drugs discussion must be tough to ask and answer.  Then, there were questions about being parents and what their fanbase is like.

The last segment focused on how they have been able to remain together, how they keep it exciting, twitter, best shows, most outrageous parties, makeup, etc.  I wish that Piers had questioned Nick more about twitter.  I think fans don’t really get why he isn’t on there or at least I don’t.  On a different note, while they were doing the interview, they showed a variety of footage, including often music playing, which was distracting from the interview.  The footage that they did show was SO weird and included some that I had never seen.  For example, they played rehearsal footage from 1989.  Huh?  They also showed a lot of clips from the reunion tour in 2003.  Who chose this footage and why?  They did include some more recent pictures but still!

Overall, I think that this interview was fun but as a diehard fan, I didn’t learn a whole lot new.  I loved John’s statement about Simon but the rest of it was pretty common material.  I would be curious about what more casual fans thought about it.  Obviously, this criticism isn’t about the band.  They did the best they could with the questions given.  I just thought that the questions were common and that there wasn’t enough follow-up. 

Craig Ferguson:
This was just a performance of Leave a Light On and no interview.  Again, I must comment on their appearances.  Dom was wearing a leopard shirt and leather jacket.  He looked good!  Nick was wearing some sparkly jacket with this white tie thing that expanded as it moved down away from his neck.  It looked like a bib to me.  (Sorry Nick!).  I couldn’t really tell what Roger was wearing, which says that there wasn’t nearly enough shots of him.  Simon was in his blue snakeskin shirt with a jacket over it and some grey/black jeans.  He was wearing sunglasses.  Not sure what that is about.  John was in leather pants and some polo shirt on top.  The polo shirt didn’t really go well with the leather pants, in my opinion.  Polo shirts are way more conservative than the leather pants.  Oh well.  That said, they looked decent. 

As for the performance, it was also decent.  I felt that they got stronger as the song goes on but I have felt that way every time I have seen the song performed.  It was good to see them perform like this, though, even if they didn’t blow me out of the water.   I don’t really think that is possible with a song like this.  It just isn’t the style to do that. 


3 thoughts on “Duran on TV: Piers Morgan and Craig Ferguson”

  1. After reading your review I'm glad I didn't watch it because I would have been as disappointed as I was seeing these 3 particulars you pointed out.

    #1: “Then, they discussed vinyl and iTunes. Once again, Nick commented about how illegal downloading is still a problem whereas John seemed much more accepting about how the world is just different now.”

    First off, I now understand why we have some duranies insistently blaming illegal downloading for the fall of the music industry, they may be parroting Nick. The facts & numbers studied still do NOT support this as either the absolute truth or the ONLY factor involved. With all the particulars involved I'm sad to see Nick chose THIS one to voice publicly. I am sad because Nick has referred to mp3 as the “junk food” of the internet yet the band ONLY offer free mp3 stuff on occasion (as of late only due to all that has transpired…i.e. tour cancellation) for the fans and offered ONLY mp3 versions of their music for “money” which to me does not support his “public” feelings on the matter. I wish he'd take a side and stick with it.

    #2: “follow-up questions about how Mark brought the band back to their original sound.”

    The new sound is “reminiscent” of “early Duran”. Duran Duran's original sound did not include “autotune” or Dom Brown…it may be splitting hares but let's be honest…they made Dom's guitar “sound” like Andy's and their sound is now digital…nowhere NEAR the analog sound that made them so popular & incredibly accessible to so many.

    #3: “Unfortunately, this lead the discussion to Amy Winehouse and drinking and drugs. John did respond to this well about how it was fortunate that they were in a band so that the band would pull anyone back if needed. They had a different level of support than she did.”

    This is at least the 3rd time during the support of the new album that I have heard them reference this “united front” support style yet it is simply not a consistent sentiment if you look at their past dealings with John, Andy, & Warren. Roger, I understood, his choice was straight forward….the others….hindsight doesn't show the level of support they speak of here.

    As a whole, there were 1 or 2 choice moments which you've mentioned but the rest seems like just filler….another opportunity wasted by a band that has a bit of a history with such things. It probably won't affect the casual fans, who I've still not heard ANY reviews or opinions from, but for a long timer like myself……makes me glad I'm a fan on my own terms and not anyone else's.

    Cheers for sharing…..it is greatly appreciated.

    ~S 🙂

  2. I agree with you that the Piers Morgan interview took to much time speaking about usual. At the same time it was not that bad. Nick did answer about twitter, saying that it was time comsuming and that's true all those internet etc things do consume time. They did appear like a very united band and it's great.

    For the live performance at the late late show, it was a bit disapointing. I hate when a band or an artist came to a show like that perform and don,t get at least 10 minutes of talking. I always feel that like a bit rude for the artist, like ok we just want you to sing but we don,t want to know what you think. I don't know. What can I say about the song. It's a beautiful song, one of the great songs from the album. But at the same time, I am not sure that it is a good idea for a single. OK Save a Prayer did it in the past , but probably because they were at the top at that moment. I think that they need a more energic song to capture attention. Something like Wild Boys, Careless Memories or New Religion. But there isn,t a song like that on the new album, maybe Networker Nation. Safe and Girls Panic aren't a good idea, not the best they did and maybe what it is closer to Red Carpet Massacre that people didn't like. Not sure the sunglasses were a great idea too… But still I was happy to see them. It is a bit (well… a lot) ridiculous that those shows were at the end of the tour. Surely the guys weren't very happy about that.


  3. I didn't see the Ferguson show when it aired – I forgot and it's on pretty late here (way past MY bedtime anyway), and naturally because I forgot – I didn't DVR it. Oh well. I saw what I wanted on Youtube.

    The more interesting one of the two was of course the interview with Piers. I did enjoy the banter, actually – and I tried to remember that the interview has to be for everyone, especially when it's on a channel like CNN. (that said, I would have loved for an entire hour of interview…LOL) I thought Nick was extremely harsh on the subject of illegal downloading. I think it's high time we stop blaming poor sales on just that piece of information and realize we live in a much different time now. Funny how he and John come at that subject from such different places. That was the most interesting point of that discussion, in my opinion. As for the band being united and whether or not that's consistent – I have to say Jetrell that I think it IS consistent as of present time. A few years ago, no. Absolutely not. I would agree with what you've said about Warren, Andy and even John – but I tend to believe John answered that question with regard to the present time. That doesn't give them a free pass about what happened before, but ultimately I believe we all learn from our past and maybe that's where they are at? I don't know – but your point is very well taken.

    Am I the only one that laughed when Simon talked about not dangling himself out there as available? I laughed because they laughed, and I'm not sure if they laughed because of the visual as I did, or because of something else…but it was funny all the same. 😀 – R

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