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Are you someone who pays attention to our questions of the day?  If you are, you know that generally they are poll questions.  They are quick, easy opinion questions.  The goal is just to keep people thinking of Duran each and every day.  Plus, I find it fun to think about which songs or videos I like better and figure that others might, too.

Last weekend, we finished ranking the albums and I blogged about the results yesterday.  Then, I started asking about what might seem to be random songs.  Perhaps, some of you have figured out the connection between the songs I have asked about.  First, I asked about Astronaut or Big Bang Generation.  Then, Faster Than Light went up against Last Day on Earth.  I put these songs into the space, astronomy related Duran songs.  The complete list of those is as follows:

  • Astronaut
  • Big Bang Generation
  • Faster Than Light
  • Last Day on Earth
  • Mars Meets Venus
  • Midnight Sun
  • New Moon on Monday
  • Northern Lights
  • Planet Earth
  • Planet Roaring
  • The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever
  • Sunrise
  • Too Close to the Sun
  • The Universe Alone

I grouped other Duran songs together in themes as well.  The other topics I found included violence, nature, weather, animals, places, religion, science and the calendar/time.  Could I have come up with more?  I’m certain that I could have.  Heck, many songs could be placed in multiple categories.  I am also concerned that I am forgetting songs.  Here is where I need your help.  I need you to send me titles of songs I missed.  First, let me share the lists I have so far.


  • A View to a Kill
  • Of Crime and Passion
  • Red Carpet Massacre
  • Sin of the City
  • You Kill Me with Silence


  • All Along the Water
  • Burning the Ground
  • Land
  • Night Boat
  • Skin Divers
  • The Valley
  • To the Shore


  • Before the Rain
  • Hold Back the Rain
  • Salt in the Rainbow
  • Sound of Thunder


  • Butterfly Girl
  • Hungry Like the Wolf
  • The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  • Palomino
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Union of the Snake


  • The Edge of America
  • Lake Shore Driving
  • Mediterranea
  • My Antarctica
  • Rio
  • Tel Aviv


  • Faith in This Colour
  • God
  • Like an Angel
  • New Religion
  • Paper Gods
  • Save a Prayer


  • American Science
  • Blame the Machines
  • Breath After Breath
  • Lady Xanax
  • Networker Nation
  • Playing with Uraninum
  • Vertigo
  • Virus


  • Early Summer Nerves
  • Finest Hour
  • Secret Oktober
  • Taste the Summer
  • Valentine Stones
  • Violence of Summer
  • Winter Marches On

My questions now are simple.  What categories or themes did I leave out?  What did I miss?  Then, which songs did I miss or should I include that I didn’t?  I decided to stick with the titles of songs but should I include lyrics as well?  What do you think would be most fun?


7 thoughts on “Duran Song Title Themes”

  1. You’re not the only one who’s noticed common themes in Duran songs for sure! You are talking to a lyric-obsessed Duranie here! These are just a few I wrote in a notebook a few months ago all calendar/time/weather/nature – and these are just from one song:

    ‘Even on the darkest night, when empty promise means empty hand’
    ‘There’s heat beneath your winter, let me in’
    ‘Must be lucky weather when you find the kind of wind that you need’

    Then religion

    ‘I’ll be your homing angel, I’ll be in your head’

    Lyrics might be a fun thing to explore but then after so many years there would be a heck of a lot!

  2. No, I think lyrics should be left out. It would make things more boring.
    I’m having a great time with my DD TV Poll: “the Ultimate Live Album”: fans have to pick up their fave live version of each album song and people are suggesting to do the same, as soon as we finish this ride, with their B Sides (but I made them aware that B Sides are rarely played live…)
    I’d love you to do the same poll, to see if “my” fans vote the same things on the Daily Duranie.

  3. Hi Amanda.

    Great groups and great fun to categories DD songs by their titles 😊
    The only one (and a half) I can think of that is missing, is “Buried in the sand” in the Nature Category. And then I don’t know if it is valid to put “Do they know it’s Christmas” in the Calendar Category?

    I came up with one more category: You and I. Titles which contain an you or an I character. (As you write there are lots of ways to categories) I think this one is funny because the titles have a more direct feel to it. Almost like a dialogue at times…

    Friends of mine
    My own way
    Lonely in your nightmare
    Is there something I should know
    (I’m looking for) cracks in the pavement
    I take the dice
    (Make me smile)
    Shadows on your side
    Hold me
    We need you
    I don’t want your love
    Do you believe in shame
    My Antarctica
    Read my lips
    Can you deal with it
    (I wanna take you higher)
    (Thank you)
    (I wanna take you higher again)
    Out of my mind
    Who do you think you are?
    Be my icon
    Michael you’ve got a lot to answer for
    Someone else not me
    All you need is now
    Too bad you’re so beautiful
    You kill me with silence

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