Duranie Homework: 10 Most Representative Songs

I was not planning on giving out a new homework assignment anytime soon. After all, I have minimal time to “grade” the homework that would get turned in. Yet, an idea that popped into my head that wouldn’t be pushed down. It started after I bought my plane ticket for the Vegas shows as I wondered what some people who don’t know about my Duranie-ness would think of this. Would they know Duran Duran? Would they GET it? While I doubt that I could really explain my fandom in any sort of easy fashion, I wondered if I couldn’t share some of their music. If I picked the right songs, could non-Duran Duran fans get the full scope of their musical genius? Could they understand why hearing their music live would be a top notch experience?

As I thought all this, I attempted to push it to the side to give feedback on campaign speeches, to grade a few more essays and to check in with the parents about how my mom’s cold is. But the idea kept coming back. Every time my brain pondered the upcoming shows, the ideas was there once again. I’m giving up. I’m surrendering. I’m waving the white flag. Finally, I’m just going to embrace it through a homework assignment. The goal is for all of you to ponder Duran Duran songs to non-Duran fans. Maybe this idea can haunt all of you, too! Ha!

Assignment Details:

Your task is to create a list of 10 Duran Duran songs that would capture their musical genius. Think of a person who has not heard any Duran Duran music. What songs would you play to introduce the band to this newbie? What songs might convince a person that they should fall in love with the band’s music, too?

What songs are allowed? I will allow any. They could be album tracks, singles, b-sides, bonus tracks, covers or demos. Heck, I don’t care if you include songs from side or solo projects. That said, it might be not so easy to narrow it to 10 but I recognize that non-fans might only have the patience for 10 tracks. So, you need to be able to sell the band as quickly as possible.

The assignment is due three weeks from today, February 2nd. Normally, I like to give a month but I think it is quite poetic to have the list due on the date that Duran released their very first single in Planet Earth. Plus, I think this is one assignment that people can overthink. I see it now. People will come up with a tentative list then check it a second time to make changes before doing it again and again, etc. At some point, you have to just call it done.

As always, you can turn your assignment in by sending it in an email (dailyduranie@gmail.com) or through Facebook message or through DM on Twitter. Once everyone has turned in their assignments, I will compile the list to see what songs were chosen to be included most often, at the very least.

What questions do you have?


2 thoughts on “Duranie Homework: 10 Most Representative Songs”

  1. I think I would not include in MY OWN list their covers and the songs off their spin-off projects, because I think it must just DD they should hear.
    OK, now i’m gonna work on it… just 10 tracks it is not easy, but it is fun!
    Thank you!

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