Duranie Homework: Box Set!

This week has been tough.  Work has sucked on top of others things. I find myself needing distraction.  When I recognize that I need something to take my mind off of real life and things that bother and/or upset, I go to the same people I have for decades.  I turn to Duran Duran.  Somehow, I suspect that others might need some of that distraction, too.  After all, it is February.  Many of us haven’t seen much sunlight for months and vacations are far away.  Duran Duran shows are still more than a month away.  We need something to get through it all.

My recommendation for this much-needed diversion is homework, Duran Duran homework.  I like tasks where I am asked to pick Duran Duran songs for different purposes.  (I’m weird.  What can I say?  Although you are reading this blog so maybe I’m not the only one!)  This reminded me that my friend, Nat, had a suggestion when we were in DC over New Year’s.  She thought it would be fun if people came up with their own personalized ultimate Duran Duran box set.  I loved it and told her that I would share the idea here.  Thus, your homework assignment is to create the Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.

Here is what must be included in your box set:

  • 7 Singles (This is where you would put The Reflex and Hungry Like the Wolf, if you so desired.)
  • 7 Album Tracks (songs that were never released to radio for chart placement like The Seventh Stranger or The Edge of America)
  • 7 B-Sides/Demos (Secret Oktober and Late Bar come to mind as well as Beautiful Colours)
  • 7 Live tracks (songs that should only be heard live, in person)
  • 7 Side and Solo Projects (Arcadia, Power Station, John Taylor solo, etc.)

You can decide the order of each of those components.

YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT IS DUE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17.  You can send your homework by email (dailyduranie@gmail.com), by private message on Facebook or by direct message on Twitter.

After I get everyone’s homework assignment, I will compile the results to create the fan chosen ultimate box set.  I cannot wait to sit down to come up with mine (perhaps at today’s all day staff meeting!) and I am looking forward to what you choose!


2 thoughts on “Duranie Homework: Box Set!”

    1. I will do my best. There are some songs that just sound better when they are performed live than on the CD/record. Let me give you an example. When I listen to Wild Boys off of the Arena album, it sounds flat and without life. When I hear that song live, it is full of life, energy, volume, etc. Hope that helps! -A

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