Duranie Homework: Rank ALL YOU NEED IS NOW!!

Last week, I asked people to rank Red Carpet Massacre from their least favorite song to their most favorite song.  I now have the results from last week!  Based on the participants’ responses, here is how the fan community ranked the songs off the first album from LEAST favorite to MOST favorite:

  1. Nite-Runner
  2. Dirty Great Monster
  3. Last Man Standing
  4. Zoom In
  5. Skin Divers
  6. Tricked Out
  7. Tempted
  8. She’s Too Much
  9. The Valley
  10. Red Carpet Massacre
  11. Falling Down
  12. Box Full O’Honey

Anything surprise you?  I was VERY surprised that Box Full O’Honey was the most favorite choice.  I had no idea that people liked that song so much.  Likewise, I was surprised that Last Man Standing was so low.  I would have thought it would have been higher.  Now, I can’t just let people sit back and enjoy the results.  Oh no, we need to move on!  Here is your new homework assignment!!

Directions:  You will rank the songs off ALL YOU NEED IS NOW from LEAST favorite to MOST favorite.  Please note:  In order to make your determination, you may need to re-listen to the album one or more times.

The songs that need to be included in your list are:

  • All You Need Is Now
  • Blame the Machines
  • Being Followed
  • Leave a Light On
  • Safe
  • Girl Panic
  • A Diamond in the Mind
  • The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  • Other People’s Lives
  • Mediterranea
  • Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
  • Runway Runaway
  • Return to Now
  • Before the Rain
  • Early Summer Nerves
  • Too Close to the Sun
  • Networker Nation

How to turn in your homework:  Once you have completed your ranking and are ready to turn in your homework, you will need to head over to the Daily Duranie message board.  Specifically, you will post your homework in this thread here: Rank ALL YOU NEED IS NOW!  Please note:  You may have to register for the boards in order to complete your assignment, if you are not already a member.  Of course, even after you post your assignment, you may want to go back to the thread in order to see others’ homework!  You can compare your homework to others as cheating does not exist for this assignment!

Your assignment is DUE by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28th.

What is your assignment worth?  It is worth being a part of the larger fan community and having YOUR opinion count!  Besides, this is all just for FUN!!!  Another recommendation is not to think TOO MUCH!  Just go with your gut on how you rank the songs!

I will compile all of the results to determine how fans rank the songs off of All You Need Is Now.  From there, we will move on to the last album.  Have fun!


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