Duranie Homework: Rank the First Album!

Today marks the first day of the UK Tour!  I’m super excited for all of the Duranies who will be seeing Duran Duran perform in Manchester in just a few hours!!!  DDHQ has been doing a really good job of getting people excited with pictures from rehearsals and pictures of the stage setup!  Personally, I have been seeing lots of UK friends making specific plans for the tour, including getting together with friends before and/or after shows.  To say that I wish I was going to be there is an understatement!  This means, of course, that I’ll be anxiously awaiting any and all reports from fans in attendance.  I’ll be watching for setlist information, descriptions of which songs really stood out, video clips and more!!!  In between reading reports, I figure it might be fun to assign and grade a little Duranie homework!  Why now?  It seems like people will have Duran on the brain, no matter if they have shows coming up or are like me watching from afar!

Directions:  You will rank the songs off the first album (the self-titled debut) from LEAST favorite to MOST favorite.  Please note:  In order to make your determination, you may need to re-listen to the album one or more times.

The songs that need to be included in your list are:

  • Girls on Film
  • Planet Earth
  • Anyone Out There
  • Careless Memories
  • To the Shore
  • Is There Something I Should Know
  • Night Boat
  • Sound of Thunder
  • Friends of Mine
  • Tel Aviv

How to turn in your homework:  Once you have completed your ranking and are ready to turn in your homework, you will need to head over to the Daily Duranie message board.  Specifically, you will post your homework in this thread here:  Rank the First Album Thread.  Please note:  You may have to register for the boards in order to complete your assignment, if you are not already a member.    Of course, even after you post your assignment, you may want to go back to the thread in order to see others’ homework!  You can compare your homework to others as cheating does not exist for this assignment!

Your assignment is DUE by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4TH.  

What is your assignment worth?  It is worth being a part of the larger fan community and having YOUR opinion count!  Besides, this is all just for FUN!!!  Another recommendation is not to think TOO MUCH!  Just go with your gut on how you rank the songs!

I will compile all of the results to determine how fans rank the songs off the first album.  From there, we will move on to the other 13 albums.  Have fun!


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