Duranie Homework: Top 40 Tracks

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Assignment:  Duran Duran’s Top 40 Tracks

Directions:  Your task is to create a list of the Top 40 Duran Duran tracks or songs much like the one included in the Classic Pop  Special Edition:  40th Anniversary.  These songs may include any song from any album with a few exceptions:

  • You cannot include any songs that originally written or performed by someone other than Duran Duran (no cover songs)
  • You cannot include any live tracks or songs performed live on the album
  • You cannot include any song from any solo or side project of Duran Duran (this means no Power Station, Arcadia, The Devils, TV Mania, Neurotic Outsiders, Simon solo, John solo, Dom solo and more).

What does “Top Tracks” mean?  That is up to your interpretation.  Could it be the best songs, in your opinion?  Sure.  Could it be the best musically?  Of course.  Could it include the most meaningful lyrics?  Absolutely.  You may take into consideration commercial success of the songs.  You may think about fan favorites or ones that have the most critical acclaim.  Perhaps, your list will include just the ones that you personally love.  It is up to you.

Do not feel pressure to include songs from each album.  It is acceptable to pick only from a few albums or from all of them.

Your assignment just needs to include the list of Top 40 tracks.  If you are interested in extra points, please order your list from best (number 1) to least best (number 40).  While you do not need to include an explanation of why you chose the songs you did, if you would like to include that as well, that is acceptable.

How You Turn in Your Assignment:

Due:  Sunday, October 28 (one month from today!)

How:  You may turn in your assignment in a variety of ways:

  1. Send your list to our email:  dailyduranie@gmail.com
  2. Send your list to our twitter
  3. Send your list to our facebook

DO NOT share it publicly.  We would like to look at the results and blog about them first.  Then, we would welcome each participant sharing.  That said, please share this assignment widely.  The more Duranies the better in order to produce a solid list of top 40 tracks.  Yes, ideally, we would have a list of the top 40 Duran Duran tracks as decided by Duranies rather than an author from a magazine.


5 thoughts on “Duranie Homework: Top 40 Tracks”

  1. Question: Do demos or unreleased songs count if they do appear on an album/CD? For example, “Beautiful Colors” was only a demo, but did appear on the Astronaut Demos album. I want to include tracks like these, but only if they meet the assignment. Thanks!

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