Duranie Touring Behavior: # of Shows

As you may or may not know, I have been examining Duranies in relation to tours and touring.  This examination started last March.  At first, I asked about which tour fans saw Duran for the first time.  I asked how old people were when they first saw Duran play live.  Then, I went through each and every tour asking people how many shows people attended.  Now, I’m moving towards the end of my unofficial, for my own self, study.  I have three final questions, which have to do the numbers of shows people see, how far people travel and what kind of tickets people get.  The first question will be asked today and the other two will be asked in subsequent weeks.

On that note, let’s move on to the actual question.  On average, how many shows do you attend per tour?  Here is a poll for you to provide your answer.  Before I, personally, answer, I have to think about how many shows I have done for the different tours, in order to figure this out as I know that some tours I have only done one show but others I have been lucky enough to do more.  I, obviously, won’t be including the tours I didn’t do any shows.  I do apologize, in advance, for the math!  Fandom doesn’t normally have math, but I figure that one math problem won’t kill any of us!


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