Durantime: 2014 edition!

I don’t know how many of our followers watch for Duranasty – the Duran Duran Webzine that our friend Salvo creates.  It is a labor of love and art, so if you haven’t treated yourself to reading through it, you really should. Salvo has the ability to visit the band on a much more regular basis than we could ever hope, and as such – he really has a relationship with the band, is recognized by them, and they very much know and approve of his work.  So, if you want news – he is the standard.

In any case, there is a brand new sparkly edition of his webzine out now, and naturally you’ll find plenty of good juicy bits to read and sort out, as well as plenty of beautiful pictorial layouts.  I read through it all last night, and the one thing that stuck out in my reading is that the band seems to be leaning towards this album coming out in the latter part of 2014, and perhaps even into 2015.  It would seem there will be no touring to speak of this summer, and maybe not even in the fall as previously mentioned, depending upon what actually takes place. There does not seem to be a worry to rush to market with the album, and they all still seem to stand by the fact that they do not need to tour this year, which really should be no surprise.

The reality of course is that no band NEEDS to tour.  That’s the beauty of being a band though – they drive their own journey. They can do as they so choose.  I’ve worked for bands who didn’t want to bother much with touring. They didn’t want to take the time, and they didn’t want to make the commitment.  They believed their fans would wait forever, and that they’d still be there when they decided it was time to hit the road. Unfortunately for those bands, it was also the final nail in their coffins, because without touring on an extremely regular basis when you’re a newbie band out there – you make no money and gain no fan base to speak of, and you tend to LOSE the fans you thought you had, because fans are very, very fickle.  They lose interest quickly. (Unless you’re us, of course.) On the other hand, obviously – Duran Duran has had a long career and as such, they are not young pups needing every last bit to survive.  These are seasoned professionals who clearly feel as though whatever they choose to give to their fans, and whenever they choose to give, will be more than enough.  They have gone so far as to compare themselves and their popularity to that of U2 and Arcade Fire…and even the Rolling Stones at one point or another, so clearly they feel they’ve reached a certain pinnacle. I can’t say whether or not their fan base agrees, and will come out in droves to support them again – I’ll leave that for you all to decide yourselves at a much later date.

I did see a comment today that seemed to indicate surprise that the band may take as much as another 10 months to finish, and the person mentioned that this one seems to be taking a while. I couldn’t tell if the comment was serious or made in jest, but I do agree.  The other day I saw some discussion that centered around the idea that this is art, and that people should be absolutely patient and supportive that the band is taking their time to record and get it right.   To begin with, I don’t know for sure what “getting it right” means, but I have to suspect it means right for the band. I’ll leave that alone for now and avoid the hooded figures with pitchforks coming to burn me at the stake for saying anything that could even possibly be construed as not supportive.  Hey, even *I* know when to quit!

I want to make clear that we fans DO have the right to express our anxiousness and our excitement about a new album.  I don’t know when this became an issue, and I don’t know why it has suddenly become the “cool thing” to act like it’s wrong to want the band to hurry up – but I’m more than happy to put my name and face out there saying that it’s OK to be excited and anxious. That’s called “BEING A FAN”.  For the rest of you who are playing it calm and cool and acting like it’s horrible for fans to be excited… “how dare you want to rush them!” *gasp*….I have one thing to say: “oh please. Who do you really think you’re kidding??”  You’re fans. I know you. You scream at concerts just like the rest of us. You completely lose it when the band walks by, and I’ve WATCHED how you behave when Simon smiles at you during a show.  So, you’re not fooling me.  I know you’re secretly hoping that album comes out sooner rather than later.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.  It’ll be our little secret.




11 thoughts on “Durantime: 2014 edition!”

  1. I’m happy to wait for the album to be done right, and for the subsequent tour in 2015. No need to rush when it comes to the art of it.

  2. Well we always have Rio? Gil said they may have a show in March or April! Wait… They’re making us wait too… 🙂

  3. I agree with Marlo, but I also agree that there is nothing wrong with being eager for new material.

    What does “done right” mean? It means done the way someone who is working on something would want. I like to finish something when I think it’s right to finish it, and not when I feel obligated and sometimes inevitably cut corners because someone is hurrying me along. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that something done right will result in a great piece of work. Sometimes you wait longer and don’t get anything better. That is harder to control though. But in this case, I don’t think it’s been long enough where we can really complain that it must just be laziness or lack of direction and not actual complexity of the work that is delaying it.

    What do I consider art? Interesting question, although I don’t get why this is being asked. Art is a huge number of things, but I am the biggest fan of musical arts. I consider everything I listen to artful in some way, because everything I listen to means something to me, in some way. Sometimes even the littlest, most insignificant thing can be art if it touches you. Duran’s music is largely art to me. Their goofy 80s videos and fashion wasn’t, but their music, yes.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I asked about what “done right” and “art” was because those were the points used in MARLO’S comment. So therefore, I wanted to know what she considered to be those things. Just so I’m on the same page.

      I never mentioned anything about laziness or lack of direction in my blog, so I’m a little perplexed by your wording.

      And by the way – videos and fashion? Both are forms of art depending upon whom you ask. -R

  4. Hey again,

    I didnt say you mentioned lazy, sorry, but i did see it mentioned elsewhere, not just re. Duran, but every time someone is taking a while to get out with a new product.

    By the by, how long did AYNIN production take? I didn’t pay attention to that particular production period, so it didn’t seem long to me, but it may have been.

    I know fashion is art, but in terms of music, a band ranking high on fashion and not on music wouldn’t be one whose album I’d eagerly await. 😉

    1. Sarah,

      I understand what you mean – but I have to be honest, I haven’t heard anyone say that DD have been lazy, although for the first several months they were in the studio (and I’m not talking about the initial hiatus they all took after the tour) – I did hear more about vacations and breaks than I did actual work going on. *shrugs* That’s their business though, not mine.

      Even art requires deadlines that need to be met. Authors meet deadlines to maintain their publishing contract, visual artists might have to get specific pieces finished for gallery showings, commissions, etc…and musicians must meet label deadlines. Granted, DD may not feel they have any of that worry, and I’m certainly not saying they do. I’ve already been “reminded” several times by several people that U2 goes much longer in between albums and their fans continue to come out in droves to support them no matter the length. That’s a fair statement, and I’m not arguing otherwise. I’m only pointing out that for many (if not most) artists, they do have timetables to keep if they want to be paid, and MOST artists are not in the position where they don’t need to worry about an income. I know someone who is primarily a touring musician, although he’s gotten writing credit before, and he works a 9-5ish job while he’s at home because he has to. He is supporting his family. He needs the money: he doesn’t have a string of number one hits to draw royalties from. His fans think he’s a rockstar, and when he’s on the road, I suppose he is. However, the reality is that back at home he works really hard, music is his JOB, but he’s got real deadlines to meet at the same time because he’s not a millionaire and he’s certainly not making a ton off of royalties these days. He can’t decide to take a six-month hiatus and just hang out at home or go island hopping. He has to work because that’s how he feeds his kids. That’s the way it is for 99% of artists out there, no matter the discipline. Duran Duran definitely have the luxury of taking their time – and yes, that’s a luxury. Most don’t. I think that as fans it’s really easy to assume that if a band is touring and playing in front of huge audiences, staying in really nice hotels and yes, even getting a private jet, that they must live that way at home. And for the very few, they do. However, I know many…MANY more, who live lives much more similar to yours and mine. They have budgets. They have jobs that actually require them to report in on a daily basis. A very different kind of life than what might be portrayed while on stage, for sure – and their lives depend on making albums in a timely manner, touring out of necessity to make money and flat out busting themselves to get it done. Same goes for most artists across the board. And there are times when I sort of feel like I should be doing more to support THOSE types of artists.

      As for AYNIN – Amanda is going to to address that one this weekend. She’s written about the length of time between albums before, but I daresay that that as for this recording time between albums – they have already extended themselves beyond what they had for AYNIN, and in this case there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight just yet (at least not one that the band is ready to announce). -R

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