Eiffel Tower – New Song from Simon!

While on vacation, I noticed DDHQ post a link to a song on Soundcloud with a very familiar vocalist. The song is titled “Eiffel Tower” and the singer is none other than Simon Le Bon, of course. I had almost no data connection, so I had to wait to listen.

The lack of data didn’t stop me from seeing the comments, and nearly everyone had something positive to say. I couldn’t wait to hear it myself! I made a mental note to listen as soon as I could and thought about it throughout the week(s).

(On a side note: if you’re obsessing over a song you haven’t heard yet by a member of the band, not even the band as a whole – I kind of think that might make you a Duranie. Only another hard-core fan would understand the kind of obsession that drives us!)

So today, I promised to sit down and listen. I found the link, clicked on it, and almost immediately felt the familiar chills and goosebumps on my arms. Simon’s voice is like silk, and the music is like a favorite blanket. Lush and soft – its gorgeous. The guitar is beautiful!  The track is full of emotion and it doesn’t overpower the rest of the music. I can even hear strings in the background, and they lead the listener further into the music.

Layered songs with many different tracks like this one can sometimes get very messy and end up sounding like background noise to vocals, but not here. The production is done extremely well. At the end, there’s a gorgeous, beautiful guitar solo that I have heard is Warren, and it is done masterfully.  The guitar doesn’t overpower, it simply led me back out of the song in the same way that the strings held my hand and drew me in.  Brilliant.

But back to Simon’s voice. It blows my mind into pieces. I don’t know if he is responsible for the lyrics, but even if he didn’t write them, he delivers them like poetry.  I’d forgotten his velvety voice when he is relaxed and not trying to reach a crowd of 20,000.  Absolutely stunning in every single way.

The song ended, and I caught my breath. I realized I’d been holding it for quite some time while I listened.  This was a song that was going to stay with me, and I love when that happens. This single piece took me on a journey, and not many pieces of music do that for me these days.

And then, another song began. The instrumental version. I almost couldn’t take it. I was already completely sold on the song, but somehow, this piece took everything I loved about the first one, stood it on its head, and made it even better. 

I’m a sucker for a full orchestra. I won’t lie. Let’s face it: I spent much of my childhood playing in an orchestra, so it makes sense, really. But this is different. It’s kind of like hearing the orchestral version of A View To a Kill, but even better.  Again, I get the chills going up my arm and the hair on the back of my neck stands on end.  I was already on a high from the first version, but the orchestral version took my feelings up a notch.  My eyes welled up, and the emotion I’ve had bottled up for the past six weeks spilled over. I won’t be able to forget this song for a very, very long time.

Which is exactly how I like it.

Take a listen for yourself and see what you think.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower (Orchestral Version) 


8 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower – New Song from Simon!”

  1. OMG, Rhonda thanks for this link. It’s like Christmas in August. This is why I love dailyduranie.com — I get the 411 on everything DD. 🙂 How funny that he returns to the Eiffel Tower! ;P I really think that Simon and gang are on a creative watermark in their music artistry right now. Paper Gods is my new deity of devotion.

    So I was looking at the bio of Nick Wood Music on Soundcloud and noticed this at the bottom:

    “Nick currently lives between Tokyo and Los Angeles working on his upcoming solo album which includes 2 songs with Simon Le Bon and pursuing his passion for scoring films, TV and song writing.”

    TWO songs with Simon!?! Is that both versions of ET or is there another track out there yet to be released? Can you shed some light?

    Cheers and all the best!


    1. I think that it might be the two versions of Eiffel Tower, but I am not positive. I listened to some of the rest of the album on Soundcloud, and it’s very good. I am hoping it will be available for download if not already somewhere… 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! -R

    2. Hi Lee!

      The other song may be “Nobody Knows.” Simon is my favorite. Been a Duranie from the beginning. Now my kids are and my daycare ones as well. Lol
      I own Everything Duran and Simon. That’s an older song but is probably it. Hope that helps.


      1. “Nobody Knows” is not the other song that Simon mentioned going in and recording with Nick Woods recently, that’s much older than these recent recordings.

        Thanks for the info about SYN productions, they’ve been working together for 25 years now, and it’s nice to get a song done by Simon and Nick Woods every now and then!



  2. Simon’s voice is amazing as always!
    The song is by SYN Productions. That is Simon and Nick Woods company. The S is for Simon. The Y is for Yasmin and the N for Nick. As a Simon fan I own his solo work to.

  3. This song sounds so Arcadia-style.
    And Paris was an influence on many artists since the terrorist attacks of this past November.
    Can I say that sometimes the solo stuff of many Duran members sound better than the group’s stuff?
    Rock on Simon! (and Arcadia !)

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