Essential Duran Viewing

I have spent yesterday and today with my cousin-in-law.  Well, normally, this isn’t really blog worthy material, but now it does connect with Duran.  I have known for a very long time that my cousin-in-law was a Duran fan.  I’m not sure when or how it came up in conversation years ago but it has been a situation that whenever the family gets together, she would always ask what the latest Duran shows was.  This past spring I offered her a ticket to see Duran in Chicago.  She jumped at the chance and appeared to have a great time at the concert!  For this visit, I decided to bring down some Duran viewing material.  While it is easy to bring a few DVDs, what is most difficult is deciding what to watch, especially when you have a lot of Duran related DVDs.  This got me thinking.  What are the most essential viewing items? 

I started the process of figuring it all by dividing them up into years/eras and then general.  Otherwise, I was overwhelmed!!  For general viewing, I chose some obvious choices.  First, I picked Greatest.  What Duran fan doesn’t appreciate their videos?  Besides, if you were a fan back in the day, videos were a big deal.  Plus, I still have work to do on the Daily Duranie’s upcoming video challenge!  ;D  I chose two other programs as well that were on youtube at one point, which are Behind the Music and Duran’s Millions.  I think Behind the Music does a pretty good job going over the band’s history in a way that captures the spirit of the band.  Duran’s Millions also talk about the band’s history but in the guise of figuring out how much money they made.  There is lots of cool footage in that one.   

As I move in the different Duran eras, I am reminded of all the good footage on the remastered editions.  I thought those first performances on the 1st album’s remastered edition were really cool.  Likewise, the Hammersmith DVD from the Rio era is cool, too.  Interestingly enough, many people were talking about that one with the 30 Day Challenge and how great their performance was.  While still in the Rio era, there is always the Classics album.  This is a great one for people who are really into the music and the process of songwriting.  Then, of course, there is the Seven and the Ragged Tiger era.  Essential footage must include Sing Blue Silver, right?  How many times did I watch that as a kid?!  Countless times!  I swear that I could say every  line!  The remastered edition also contains As the Lights Go Down for those who just want the concert. 

The Notorious era has 3 to Get Ready, which I have only seen released on VHS.  It is still a good one for all those behind the scenes footage.  The remastered edition has Working for the Skin Trade, which was another one brought up a lot during the challenge.  Apparently, Wild Boys worked for a lot of people!  Another concert is featured on the Big Thing remaster.  In my opinion, that one is fun for a drinking game or with running commentary, which I say with all of the love in my heart!  After the reunion, there is lots to watch!  The Astronaut DVD is a favorite of mine as it felt a little like Sing Blue Silver to me.  Beyond that, the Live from London is a great one, too!  It has the concert and the extra interviews!  Good stuff! 

Clearly, there is a lot of Duran stuff to watch!  Perhaps, I will not be the only one watching Duran related DVDs this weekend!  Maybe this will get some of you to bust out your Duran DVDs or click on youtube! 


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