European Dates Postponed

There was a big announcement on yesterday about the upcoming dates in Europe.  According to the press release, which you can read here, the band was forced to postpone the dates scheduled in Europe, which includes all dates in July, all dates in August and the first half of September.  As of now, the first date would be September 26th in California.  This announcement was filled with more information than we have had in quite awhile.  It explained that while there has been improvement with Simon’s vocals and getting his range back, it isn’t perfect and they want to ensure that no further damage be done.  To that note, they will not be “putting anything back in the calendar” until LeBon’s voice is at 100%.  They also wanted to do this in advance to be fair to the fans.

This news was met with a strong reaction, even by fans who had no intention of going to see any of these shows.  Most fans seemed sad and concerned.  Some were shocked.  Many were worried about their upcoming shows or about buying tickets to shows.  Obviously, all of these reactions are valid and understandable.  I, too, am sad.  How could I not be?  I feel down both for the band and for the fans.  It is a no-win situation for anyone.  The guys must be feeling terrible about having to do this.  Simon, in particular, must feel completely frustrated despite whatever progress has been made.  I, obviously, also feel badly for the fans who planned to go to those shows.  As someone who recently went through this myself, I understand how horrible that feels.  Do I think it is good that the band announced this a couple of weeks before the next show was expected to happen?  I guess.  Yes, I think it is good for people to know and for people to be able to change plans to save money and time.  That said, I don’t blame them for how they have handled things previously.  Would I have liked to have known that my shows were being postponed a week or two before?  Sure but it didn’t happen that way and it worked out as well as it could.  There is no one I could blame, anyway.

Am I worried more or less about Simon and the band’s future?  This announcement did not change my concern.  It is the same.  I wasn’t going to feel really good about Simon until I saw that he was able to perform at a series of shows.  I wanted to know that he was able to sing and hold up for a full tour.  One show wouldn’t have cut it for me.  That said, I was still surprised by this.  I had heard that things were improving.  Plus, I saw that they were adding more dates, even in Europe.  Yes, I was aware that things weren’t 100%, though.  I heard that radio interview with Roger and did notice that he said that Simon was 80%.  80% isn’t 100%.  I had hope, however, that he would be able to improve fast enough to play these dates.  Of course, I am glad that they have postponed these dates if it means that Simon has more time to recover and less of a chance of more damage or permanent damage.  Thus, all I can really do right now is offer support to both the band and the fans.

Once the community gets over this shock, I’m sure there will be more and more discussions about the chances of those US dates being played or even about those rescheduled UK dates being played.  I don’t have any answers there.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I was thinking about getting tickets to the California show or to the Atlanta show.  I’m not sure what Rhonda and I should do.  We had been operating under the idea that Simon would be better and that the shows would be played.  Will the UK dates happen?  I don’t know.  Will we know if Simon is able to do them in advance?  I don’t know that, either.  So, should we rethink our plan to go back?  Right now, we aren’t thinking that, but it is something to consider depending on how the next few months go.  The more that they tell us about Simon’s progress, the easier the decisions regarding shows will be, not only for us but for everyone.  Right now, we are all in the same boat.  Watching, waiting and hoping that everything will be okay.


4 thoughts on “European Dates Postponed”

  1. I think my initial shock at the cancellations is that we'd kept hearing how much he had improved, so I hadn't expected them to cancel everything through September. Maybe I thought a few more shows would be cancelled, but the whole thing? It didn't even occur to me, at this stage, that this is what would happen.

    I, did, decide, though, to hold off on buying tickets to the Atlanta show. I figure they'll tour again in the US at some point and I'll be recovering my European trip then and don't want to risk going to Atlanta (and being that close to my ex) and there not be a show. My plan had only been to fly out for one night only anyway (about all I could afford). But I guess everyone is in a holding pattern right now – the band and the fans.

    Most of all, though, I'm just worried about Simon. I've never heard of a vocal injury taking this long to heal.

  2. It seems that new tour dates were being added based on optimistic expectations instead of clear orders from the doctor(s). How long exactly does it take to get from “80 % well” to 100%? One month? Two months? Three months? I have no idea…I'm not a doctor. I don't have access to Si's medical files to know the extent of his vocal chord damage nor rate his overall progress. I believe Simon IS steadily recuperating but the one missing detail is the TIMELINE for his recovery. Yet people are making projections that Simon would be on the mend “soon” (as in by mid-July the earliest). Oh really? WHO SAID THAT? BASED ON WHAT EVIDENCE?? I've heard nothing definitive from anyone beyond vague/cautious pronouncements–Simon's doctors included. Rather than getting our hopes too high, I think it's best to wait things out until this hazy period is over. Otherwise, we're just setting ourselves up for disappointment. I wouldn't bother with planning trips or buying any tickets until word goes out that Simon has the “all clear”.

    Cancelling the summer portion of the tour, as painful as the decision was to make, was the right move. Piecemeal cancellations only work for so long. If we truly want Simon to be 100% when he returns to the stage, we must be prepared to give him as much time he needs to reach that point. Question is…are we patient enough to wait that long?

  3. This news really shocked me as well. Why were they adding dates if Simon's recovery wasn't more certain? I don't want them to do anything that might damage Simon's voice.
    My problem is that I bought tix to mt winery and I thought my biggest problem would be finding someone willing to spend the money to go with me. I live in pa so flying xcountry is a big expense not to mention cost of tix themselves. Now I don't know what to do. I thought about just selling them but I really want to go. If there is a concert how cool is that to be at their first concert back. Plus part of me fears they may not have many concerts left in them and that this may be my last chance to see them live. What to do? I'm holding off on plane tix as long as possible and have my fingers crossed that Simon gets well very soon.

  4. @Robin-I don't blame you for waiting on the Atlanta tickets. If you hear good things later, you could always try to get tickets then. As for vocal injuries, I saw a post somewhere that Annie Lennox suffered some sort of injury that lasted a year. Don't know if that is true or not, though. In 1993, Simon needed what 4 months to recover.

    @madame duran-You are right that we really don't know anything about his timeline for recovery. As for waiting for him, I know that I will and can only hope that others will as well.

    @Anne-I can totally relate!!! Rhonda and I are still holding tickets to the UK. We don't know what to do, either. For now, we are waiting to see how things are going and are hoping for a significant sign of good news before buying our plane tickets. Good luck!


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