Fan Panic

Forget Girl Panic being filmed today – I think it’s safe to say that once again, the fans are in their own super special panic, again!    
For those who haven’t seen, the band had to postpone their Berlin show once again (it was set for June 8th), and Nick sent out a video “blog” of sorts on youtube.  This naturally set off another wave of panic amongst the fans.  
I’m like anyone else, every single time I read another postponement message from the band, a little part of me dies.  I wasn’t even supposed to attend the Berlin show, and yet I feel my heart sink in disappointment once again.  I can’t imagine what the band must be feeling like.  They sounded hopeful last week over Twitter, and I do believe Simon is healing.  It has to be frustrating for him, and yet I’ll bet he can’t even allow himself that luxury.  He has to just keep going, keep doing whatever the doctors tell him to do, and keep a positive outlook.  The very last thing the band wants, I would imagine, is to go out there, do a date or two, and then have Simon hurt his vocal chords to the point where he’s out for several more months – as happened back in 1993.   The voice is a tricky thing, because you can get your talking voice back well before your singing voice ever comes back, and if you’re not careful – the singing voice never quite comes back.  In 2005 I made the mistake of screaming a little too loudly at Roger Taylor as he came to the front of the stage during the heartbeat sounds at the beginning of their show at AllState Arena in Chicago, and then did it AGAIN the following night in Milwaukee, and as a result, I somehow tore a few small areas in my vocal chords.  I was put on vocal rest for 3 weeks when I got home, and to this day – I still can’t sing the way I once did. (not that I was ever really any good…but now I’m just really bad!)  I have a difficult time matching notes that I could once hit without a problem, and this sort of dry, scratchy feeling at the back of my throat comes and goes quite regularly even when I’m not singing along to Duran Duran.  None of that lessens the disappointment fans are experiencing right now though, and I hope that the band can get started again soon.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen fans throw their full support to Simon with exuberance.  I check in daily on Twitter, mostly just to see what everyone is chatting about because I’m nosy!   (Don’t even think of starting in with the lyrics from Other People’s Lives…) I have yet to look at my timeline without seeing at least ONE message to Simon (not from Daily Duranie, but from other fans I’m following) telling him that they are thinking of him and to get well soon.  I am pretty sure we don’t follow every single fan on Twitter, so I can only imagine what Simon must see when/if he checks his @ messages.  On Facebook, I have been reminded many, many times to think positive thoughts about Simon, and in a real testament to how much that man is truly loved by the fans – several groups of fans have taken to requesting that EVERY fan change their profile picture to one of Simon as a show of support to him.  Each time I look at my Facebook news feed, I see so many of my Duranie friends with pictures of Simon as their profile picture, if he ever had doubts as to how much he’s loved and missed right now, he should check out Facebook.  If you haven’t changed your Facebook picture yet – get started!!  I think it’s fair to say that many, many fans out there are anxious for the day when we read or hear that the band is ready to play shows once again!  
On a similar, yet completely different note (I’m nothing if not a dichotomy), I have a personal page on Facebook, and I haven’t changed my profile picture.  I was reading my news feed this morning and a friend who is encouraging people to change their pictures over in support openly asked why people haven’t done it yet.  I felt compelled to answer, primarily because I don’t believe I’m the only fan out there that hasn’t followed suit with their Simon photos.  To begin with, my personal page isn’t visible to just Duranie friends.  I have family, friends from school, friends from college and friends from my gemology program that can see various parts of my page (if not all of it).  I am also friends with fellow PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) parents, past teachers of my children, and respected professionals in the gemological industry.  It’s not easy to explain my interest in Duran Duran at this age, and to put it very bluntly, I don’t appreciate being called a groupie by people who can actually give me or my children grades in class.   (I think this falls under the heading that a fellow Duranie can call me a groupie, but not one else had better – because while my Duranie friends know that I’ve never “ridden the Duran Duran bus” – wink, wink – other people do not.)   Everyone has their own way of expressing their fandom, whether it’s by just buying their albums and going to shows; wearing Duran Duran t-shirts, writing a book and/or blog, or doing all of the above.  Not one way is the “right” way, and not every way is right for everyone.  In the case of Daily Duranie, we are supportive of Simon in every way – we went all the way to the UK and back without a single show, and yet I think that if we’re at all able – we’ll do it again.  So this is a warning, Simon – you haven’t gotten rid of us yet, and one way or another – we’re coming to the UK to see the band!  I am not letting go of that dream just yet.  Our profile picture on Facebook and Twitter is of Amanda and I (Rhonda is on the left, Amanda is on the right!), after many months of trying to remain “anonymous” in the community.  We haven’t changed it to a picture of Simon since we’ve finally decided to unveil ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less supportive.  I encourage everyone to do what they’re comfortable doing – and it never hurts anyone to throw out a kind word or two in Simon’s direction if they get the opportunity.  
Onward and upward from here!  -R

7 thoughts on “Fan Panic”

  1. Dichotomy indeed: you encourage us all to change our Facebook profile pictures to photos of Simon, yet we have to read through your explanation of why you can't do the same.

    I just hope the ol' boy get better so we can hear his beautiful voice once again.

  2. Did you actually READ my blog or did you just pick out a sentence or two and decide that I was forcing you to read far more than you wanted? I would imagine it's the latter.

    No one insists you read my blog, so that's your first mistake right there. Secondly, I encourage fans to do whatever they so choose to show support. All my blog did was explain some different ways of doing so, and I used myself as the example. Make no mistake, it's not that I “can't” change my photo – it's that I choose not to, my point being that expressing fandom can and should take all forms. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! -Rhonda

  3. I'm panicking because they still seem to be scheduling dates and although I'm sure they're ready to get this tour started, I think maybe they should wait until Simon's doctor says he can sing again.

    Each time a new date is announced, I have a fear that it, too, will be postponed. Okay, so the Cyprus date is in August, but still, I'm getting anxious.

  4. I totally agree, Robin. I can't really speak of the new dates being scheduled – other than to say they must really be sure Simon will be better by then…or else they are SURE they have to be playing by then or else they're gonna have to file for bankruptcy! There are so many different spokes that make up the wheel of Duran Duran, it's hard to know what their management is thinking. -R

  5. My goodness, someone is defensive!

    I did read the entire blog. Until now, I read it almost every day. As you suggest, I can choose to not read this blog at all and express being a fan in other ways of my own choosing.

  6. I can totally understand not wanting to change your FB picture. It's the same reason why I haven't filled my FB page with tons of DD pictures as others have. There's nothing wrong with that of course, I just don't feel like explaining myself to all the family and non-Duranie friends on FB. So instead, I just used an old Simon drawing I happened to have on there anyway. I doubt I'll have that up long though.
    But there are certainly other ways to show support. In fact, just recently a whole slew of us sent Simon a virtual “Get Well” card, and he's already responded to it with appreciation. I'm sure he knows by now that he has TONS of support. 🙂

    Now if the stupid rumors of conspiracy and canceling because of “low ticket sales” (*rolls eyes*) would cease….

  7. @”anonymous”…The point is completely lost I think. It's not about what *I* choose to do or not do as far as posting a picture, it's about expressing fandom. Is it really all that difficult to decipher from the example I chose to share?
    @duraffinity – It's all good, and I would never find fault with anyone as to what they chose to do as far as showing support. That really kind of undermines the whole point, doesn't it? I'm glad you get the real meaning behind what I'm saying here. Apparently some don't seem to understand. Oh, and here's to hoping the rumors will cease!! (but I highly, highly doubt it. There are too many people in the community that LIVE for predicting the doom of Duran Duran. Makes no sense to me!) -R

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