Yesterday, a teasing John Taylor tweeted the following, “now.. a jacuzzi with Roger or a sauna with Charlie?  Such highly-charged homo-erotic options.”  Of course, the responses to this tweet came fast and furious. Some people responded with which choice s/he thought was best.  Other responded with some sort of “can I join you” question/suggestion.  Of course, there was at least one comment about how the fanfic was writing itself.  I laughed and thought about how we have never even come close to discussing fanfic on the blog and yet, for some fans, it is a big part of their fandom.

For those people not in the know, fanfic stands for fan fiction.  They are fictional stories featuring one of more band members.  In some cases, the stories are completely heterosexual in nature and feature the band member of choice in some sort of romantic and/or sexual situation with one or more members of the opposite sex.  I have seen many stories in which the main character is a fan or someone who could be a fan.  In my opinion and I’m by no means an expert as I don’t read much fanfic, these stories can seem like people’s personal fantasy regarding the band member(s) of her choice.  Now, there are other stories, which are homoerotic in nature.  In some cases, this is done subtly and left more to the imagination and, in other times, is pretty explicit.  Most of those stories focused on John and Simon as a couple but there were other ones representing every combination of couple possible. 

Now, again, I’m not expert in fanfiction, Duran fanfic included.  I don’t read much and have never written anything myself.  Yet, it seems like fanfiction has been around a long time and probably has been around for almost as long as the band has been around.  It wouldn’t surprise me, for example, if there aren’t many Duranies who had written some sort of story featuring Duran at one point in their youth.  Anyway, fanfic seems to have been or is very popular within the community.  For a long time, there was a section on the DuranDuranMusic message board dedicated solely to fanfiction and it was a very popular place.  The moderators, for whatever reason, decided to remove it.  This, obviously, upset a lot of people.  Frankly, I don’t even know if a reason was ever given to explain this decision.  It seemed like a lot of those writers and readers left the board quickly after that.  Maybe they found a new place to play.  No matter if the reason was stated or not stated, I still wonder.  Was it removed because the band didn’t like reading fictional stories about themselves, no matter if they are written gay, straight or bisexual?  What is removed because there were complaints about the graphic nature of some of stories?  Was it an example of what could be called homophobia because people didn’t like gay relationships or gay sex? 

Now, I’m left wondering what the status is with fanfiction in our community.  Do people still write?  Do people still read?  Where is this exchange taking place?  Is it the same type of deal in terms of types of stories?  I also wonder what the fan community thinks of fanfic as a whole.  Why do people write the stories?  What do they get out of the experience?  Why do people read them or why do people not read them?  Do people prefer the straight ones or the gay ones?  Why?  Is there a place in our community for this kind of creativity?  What do you, personally, think of fanfic?  


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  1. What, I'm not the only one who ever wrote stories featuring Duran Duran in their skivies? Jeez. First I find out I'm not the *biggest* fan, and now this? LOL.

    I think there comes a time when one should step out of the fantasy world and into reality. For me that happened in college. But when in junior and senior high, I filled piles of spiral notebooks with Duran stories. Of course I thought they were pretty racy, but when I came across them recently and skimmed them, the only thing that made me blush was how poorly written they were.

    While I still write, it's just regular fiction and if Duran Duran is mentioned it's a reference or a cameo appearance. I would say my writing is Duran-inspired because if I hadn't started writing about them – as bad as it was – I may not have discovered my love of writing. (I would be totally embarrassed if they ever read of those goofy stories.)

    I've never read any of the mentioned fanfic about Duran, but after having just read some tweets fans send them, I can only imagine the content. And while I can't speak for any of the band members, I personally wouldn't want to read fictionalized stories about myself with me doing things I wouldn't do, and on my own website at that. It's just creepy. ~Betsi

  2. I would hesitate saying that people who read or write fanfic are people who live in the fantasy world. After all that criticism is often stated about all fans. I won't also say that they are poorly written or not. I suspect they are like any other piece of writing–some are good and some aren't. It is fine, though, if you don't want to read any of them. Again, every fan is different.


  3. OK, I will say as one who was part of the crowd in “OL or Offenderland” as we called the section on DDM affectionately, it was more of a gathering place than JUST a place for the fiction. Part of what drew many of us to stay beyond just reading the stories, was the fact that we felt we could openly discuss any topic and speak freely about our lives, without feeling judged. When the area was shut down, there was a lot of lashing out from others against those who used to post in that section. Not sure why it was all of a sudden, but somehow, they all seemed to feel it was OK to let fly with insults since the site decided to rid the board of the section. THAT was a big part of why many left. Too much animosity and bickering and name calling. It just wasn't fun any longer. I stayed, but frankly had considered leaving myself, mainly because it is dead over there now, even after the album came out and the tour went on. But I stayed because I still appreciate a few of those who are there, and want the ability to buy presale tix, maybe. It is not always the best selection after all. I certainly don't do VIP. I can't afford it. And the packages are really not worth it any longer. Sorry, i realize this post got off the main topic a bit. I will make a new post for what I really wanted to say about the fic.

  4. OK, so about the fic. I don't have time to read too much. I have written a little. I will say that some writers out there are VERY talented & should be published. Some actually ARE published writers. Obviously, for legal reasons, the fanfic is not put out for profit or general consumption for the most part. As for where it is, there are MANY Facebook private groups, as well as individual websites with sections dedicated to DD related fanfic. One of these sites is called Lovely Blue Planet of There. It has been around a long time. I have one JoSi slash fic published there. There’s also a lot of BAD writing around. (Most computers do spell check AND look for grammatical errors. Please try using these tools.) Some stuff out there has lost something in translation because it was written in another language. There are fans around the globe, after all. Why do people write? Simply an outlet, a fantasy thing for most. Ask any good psychologist and they will tell you that so long as you have a firm grasp on reality, fantasy is a normal and healthy part of your imagination and can help you express yourself & open your mind to new things. Let's face it, @ some point, most of us have had a fantasy or dream about @ least 1 of the guys in the band. They are all very attractive and that is a normal response. Some choose to write it out & share with others. Reading these stories can occasionally prove to be educational. (Some of the best tips I have ever picked up have come from reading erotica, though not specifically fanfic.) Some women have said that after reading some, they have had great sex with their husbands. Their hubbies are grateful. Everyone's happy. Fanfic has been around FAR longer than the band and slash fic (mainly male/male as in John/Simon aka JoSi) has also been around for a LONG time. I know for a fact that there have been stories written for decades in the Trekkie community involving a Kirk/Spock pairing. (I don't read it, I am just aware of it.) Who even KNOWS how long this has existed? But when it comes down to it, nobody, including the band, should really get too worried about it. Most of it is harmless fun. David Krumholtz, of the TV show Numbers admitted to reading some of the fic written about him on a fan site and was a bit shocked, but ultimately flattered and not really bothered by it. I can only imagine the ripples that passed through THAT fan community after that admission! There has been much speculation about whether the guys in the band read what is written. We suspect some do on occasion. John's teasing comments may just imply that. He HAS said in the past when bored he will Google his name and see what comes up! I can only imagine it has led him to a few stories. So keep that in mind, if you choose to write. Just share where you feel comfortable. And to the readers, I will say, if you find something offensive, simply stop reading. Fanfic is not written with the intention of making someone angry or offending them. One more note, it is generally agreed upon within the fan community that the family members/spouses/children of the band are off limits in the stories, @ least in so far as nothing should be written to insult them or imply harm to them in any way. Certain lines are not to be crossed. No incest, etc. Some topics are considered taboo. (This does not necessarily mean that a spouse could not be involved in a positive way, as in a Yasmin/Simon/additional character to be named sort of grouping.) Feelings are mixed on that topic within the community, I believe. I have not written any myself, but have come across a few examples of Yasmin being included. What I have seen would fall under fanfic as the writer was obviously a fan of hers, as well. I can see why. Anyway, again, it is all usually meant to be simple fun and fantasy. Enjoy it or not. That is up to you.

  5. I have to agree with Betsi – if I were in the band, the very last thing I'd want to do is read the fan fic, and from what I've heard directly from the band, that's pretty much how THEY feel. They know it exists, but they don't want to talk about it. I get it, and you know – it's really not necessarily FOR the band anyway, it's for the fans. I've tried to write fan fic before, but it's not really my cup of tea. I just think it feels very strange, so I leave it to those who enjoy it. Me? Eh- I'd sooner write a blog or book about fandom. Go figure. 😉 None of it is wrong, it's just what we choose to do or not do, right? -R

  6. The world of fanfic, I suppose, provides good training ground for those who want to improve their creative writing skills. I'm not really a fan of the genre, either as a writer or a reader (of the few stories I've read, I was scarred by the poor composition, immature delivery). Has anyone attempted to do a GRAPHIC NOVEL featuring all/some/one of the band members? That would probably get my interest more.

    We all have our fantasies but some thoughts, I think, are better left inside one's head than to leak it out for all to see/read. As Simon sang, “I dream things I don't want you to know”. My sentiments exactly.

  7. I haven't heard of anyone doing a graphic novel but I suppose it would create some interest!!!

    It surprised me about how many people really hate this idea of fanfic. While I don't read fanfic for Duran, I have read it in our fandoms. I have a hard time reading about real people but I get the fantasy element and don't think it harms anyone.


  8. I stumbled upon this and I have to comment now that the FF Duran community is taking up speed again. I actually began to write slash when I joined this community and it's been fun. A real new experience and a real improvement in my writing. It's fun to try and come up with new references to each character when it's a M/M (you can't have “he” all the time).

    It's a great outlet and a way to show love towards this band and show a deeper connection between the members (I am NOT referring to sex here). I think what people don't understand is that we (FF writers) in no way and form thinks what we write is real. Believe me we'd be over the moon if it was, but we know it isn't. We're not crazy.

    There was the main place for DD FF before I think: but now we've moved on to AO3, as There is no more functional. I think the Duran FF world was dead for the last few years. We're 4 writers right now and have a couple of new stories down already and more are in the making.

    M/F stories are most often Mary Sues, personal fantasises of the person who writes them or someone writes them for another person.

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