Fans’ Choice: The Setlist

Two weeks ago, I blogged about how fans frequently state how they  want Duran Duran to change up their set lists.  Yet, when asked about which songs to remove from their current set list, they often chose to get rid of the newer songs in favor of the classics.  In response to that blog, a friend of ours suggested that the results would be different if people had the option to just choose 17 Duran Duran songs to be included on a setlist without worrying about the current one at all.  I liked that idea so I asked people to send in their lists of the 17 songs they want on Duran’s setlist.  I complied the results and here is what I found.

First, 97 different songs were listed on people’s set lists.  This obviously shows how large the Duran catalog really is and how much the band has to choose from.  Out of those 97 songs, some clearly were more popular as they were listed on multiple people’s lists.  Here is the list of the 17 most popular songs to be played live, in order of most popular:

Planet Earth
All You Need Is Now
New Religion
Wild Boys
The Chauffeur
New Moon on Monday
Save a Prayer
Pressure Off
Hold Back the Rain
Union of the Snake
Before the Rain
Come Undone
What Are the Chances
A View to a Kill
Paper Gods

I’m fascinated by the fact that many albums are represented, including the self-titled, Rio, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Wedding Album, Astronaut, All You Need Is Now, and Paper Gods.  Other albums were ignored, including Notorious, Big Thing, Liberty, Thank You, Medazzaland, Pop Trash and Red Carpet Massacre.  I also noted that many of these songs are on the most recent setlist, including Planet Earth, Wild Boys, New Moon on Monday, Save a Prayer, Pressure Off, Come Undone, Rio, What Are the Chances, A View to a Kill, and Paper Gods.  In fact, that makes 10 out of the 17 songs!  The rest of the songs have been played live within the last ten years.  All You Need Is Now, The Chauffeur, and Before the Rain have been played in the last 5.  The rest were played during the Astronaut era.

While I find these results interesting, I have to acknowledge that number of participants was small.  I know that the more people who participate, the more accurate the results.  Still, this shows me that a lot of the songs on the set lists are ones that a lot of hard core fans want to see/hear live.

As for the rest of the songs chosen but not as popular, those tracks did include every album.  People listed the following songs:

1st Album:
Late Bar
Anyone Out There
Friends of Mine
Girls on Film
Tel Aviv
Is There Something I Should Know?
Careless Memories
Sound of Thunder
Faster Than Light
Night Boat

Hungry Like the Wolf
My Own Way
Last Chance on the Stairway
Lonely in Your Nightmare

Seven and the Ragged Tiger:
(Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile
Tiger Tiger
Shadows on Your Side
The Reflex
The Seventh Stranger
Secret Oktober

Winter Marches On
Skin Trade
So Misled
We Need You
Hold Me

Big Thing:
Too Late Marlene
All She Wants Is
I Don’t Want Your Love
The Edge of America
Do You Believe in Shame

My Antarctica

The Wedding Album:
Ordinary World
Love Voodoo
Too Much Information
Femme Fatale

Thank You:
Thank You
Ball of Confusion
I Wanna Take You Higher

Electric Barbarella
Out of my Mind

Pop Trash:
Lady Xanax
Playing with Uranium

What Happens Tomorrow
Taste the Summer
Still Breathing
Pretty Ones (demo)
Point of No Return

Red Carpet Massacre:
Falling Down
Red Carpet Massacre
Nite Runner
The Valley
Dirty Great Monster
Tricked Out
Last Man Standing

All You Need Is Now:
The Man Who Stole a Leopard
Girl Panic
Other People’s Lives
Being Followed

Paper Gods:
The Universe Alone
Face for Today
Change the Skyline
Butterfly Girl
You Kill Me with Silence
Sunset Garage
Only in Dreams
Planet Roaring
Northern Lights

While all albums are represented, a number of them were barely mentioned, including Medazzaland, Pop Trash, and Liberty.  Other albums are very popular, including the 1st album, Rio and the albums after the reunion.

Now that I have analyzed the results, what do you think?  Anything surprise you?



4 thoughts on “Fans’ Choice: The Setlist”

  1. I always wanted to hear Arcadia’s songs performed Live, like The Flame, Godbye is Forever , El Diablo…but this I guess I will never see…

    1. The only Arcadia song that I have seen live is Election Day. You bring up a good point. All of those side and solo project songs could be added to the set list as well! -A

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