(Fans) Waiting for a look, the invitation…

Every now and then I read something from a fellow fan on Twitter that cracks me up.

The other day I was on Twitter, and a dear, kind-hearted fan posted that he/she was on a serious campaign to get the band to do a fan-cruise. Yes, you did read that correctly.  He/she wanted to know my thoughts, and then they kindly asked if I’d be willing to start using a hashtag for a DD cruise to get the idea trending.

Now I’m sure there are many fans out there who believe, in their kind little Duranie hearts, that the band would love for nothing more than to spend an extended weekend with an entire cruise ship filled with Duranies. I mean, we are fun people, right?!?  But then again, those who have been around for any length of time know what it can be like when the band is around. (What I wouldn’t GIVE for a good photo of two girls ripping each others hair out to get new John Taylor right now… Ok, here’s what we’re going to do: envision Sing Blue Silver and the rush that takes place when they open the doors to the arena.  Don’t remember? Go get your DVD and watch it!)

The fact is, and I really hate using this word to describe my fandom – but we’re just a little on the overwhelming side. Yes, I’m aware we’re all adults now. Yes, I know that we should have outgrown this fascination and fantasy that we could end up with one of them as our forever mate. Yes, I know they’re all either married or involved.  The question is – has any of that really stopped us?

I think we all know the answer to that.  There’s really no need to embarrass ourselves by posting the answer. *winks*

However, even with all of that aside.  Would the band really consider a cruise?  I have trouble even asking that question without laughing.  As someone reminded me – the band IS known for yachts and champagne.  Yes, yes, I am well-aware.  A yacht and a cruise ship are very, very different things.  Somehow, I just don’t see Nick boarding a neon-glitzed cruise ship, ready for several days of chatting it up with fans, a few rounds of bingo and maybe hitting the buffet. Call me crazy.  I can’t imagine Simon putting up with ANY of us for very long without being under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol (perhaps that’s the point?).  Never mind poor John – I don’t think he’d ever leave his stateroom or balcony for fear of actually running into a screaming crowd of us in one of the narrow ship hallways.  Roger – well, Roger might be found tanning on an upper deck, but he’d always have to be on the lookout for John hiding behind a planter, ready to take Instagram photos at any given moment.  Funny, I could see Dom going along with the idea, but only because he has no idea what he’d be in for. (I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.)

As much as Duran Duran is known for being the jet-setting, champagne-consuming, supermodels and sunshine type of band the media and their branding has made them out to be over the years – the difference is that they don’t typically do these things with fans. Those that have seen those inner-workings are among the prized few. And, I would argue  there is something about the fact that they’ve always been a little elitist and a bit removed from us common folk, that we secretly like.  Maybe it’s a love/hate sort of relationship.  We hate that they spent so much time portraying themselves as being above us when we were younger, to a lesser extent I think they still try for that image now, but in some respects, we love it.  We love the chase. We romanticize the idea that if they’re really the elite and they’re noticing us…well…that’s gotta mean something, right?  Self-esteem boost, here we come!!

Otherwise, what’re we all still doing here?? Is it really just about the music?  Maybe for some, but for everyone? Give me a break. I SEE the Facebook groups we’ve been invited to join, guys. It’s not just the music between us.  Sometimes it’s a little girl panic, too.

So, while I might be willing to board a cruise ship with my friends for a weekend of girl fun, I’m not expecting to run into Nick at the buffet, Simon at the art auction, Roger on deck, or John pretty much anywhere on the ship.  (Yes, I know I’m leaving out Dom. Truth be told – I think he’d go even AFTER my warnings. Silly man.)


5 thoughts on “(Fans) Waiting for a look, the invitation…”

  1. That would be quite a cruise! And to wrap it all up, we could all share some norovirus. I just saw the John Taylor episode of “Samantha Who” on Hulu the other day – the first thing I thought after reading your first paragraph was “there would be a LOT of glass-licking on THAT cruise!” Thanks for a good laugh 😀

    1. Dang it – I completely FORGOT about the Norovirus! Although, given what I have read about a fan grabbing John’s discarded tissues after a press conference just after the reunion…I have a feeling people would be bragging about getting Norovirus from a band member.

      Even I have my limits…blog and all…and that is WAY over mine. LOL

      I can totally imagine the glass licking, following them all over the ship. The squeeing… Gee, I just don’t see why they wouldn’t want to frolic with us on the ocean for several days, completely trapped on a ship….

  2. This was such a funny post, I was giggling through most of it. You are right though the guys would not go for this, except for maybe Dominic, and him only because he’d have no idea what he was setting himself up for, lol. Poor Dominic he really has no clue just what it means to be a member of Duran Duran, does he? Yes, we Duranies can be more than a little overwhelming, and I could just see him after such a cruise, fleeing the ship like demons from Hell were chasing him, if he’s not paranoid now after this he would be…LOL. P.S: What’s up with JT and the Instagram photos of RT? I so loved this post, BTW the new webpage is way cool! ! !

  3. That is one funny blog today girls! A Duran Cruise! The thought of Duran on a cruise liner with a whole bunch of fans made me really laugh. Thought of a name for this fantasy cruise company…quite obviously NightBoat Cruises! All aboard 🙂

  4. Taking a cruise?…Now that Captain Schettino from the ill-famed Costa Concordia ship is not working, the idea of joining a fancy cruise could be welcome to cross my minDD…

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