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In thinking of a fast blog topic, I always go back to countdowns of favorites.  I have done other blog topics like that in the past with favorite songs, favorite live songs, etc.  Thus, I thought it would be easy to do favorite album.  Then, I quickly realized that I couldn’t really choose.  I might shout out All You Need Is Now then quickly change my mind to the first album and back.  What about the worst album?  Do I like Medazzaland less than I like Red Carpet Massacre?  Where do I put Pop Trash?  Obviously, this isn’t a countdown that I could just quickly do.  I had to have some serious thoughts first.  So, how do you rank them?  Should I rate all the songs on each album and see what the total scores were?  Do I just check off the number of songs I love on each album?  Would I get the same results with both methods?  Is there a different way to determine?  I am sure that there probably is.  Nonetheless, I opted for the number of songs I liked method.  It seemed faster than scoring every track.  I gave each song a like, love, okay or dislike.  Like would equal 1 point, 2 for love 0.5 for okay and 0 for dislike.  Besides, we do more specific ratings during our reviews and I often find my rating changes when I really analyze the songs.  I will also divide the number of likes/loves/dislikes/okays by the number of songs since every album has a different number of songs.  Wow.  I’m tired…just trying to think of a method of doing this!  Here is what I came up with:

Duran Duran 1st album:
Girls on Film-Like 
Planet Earth-Love
Is There Anyone Out There-Like
Careless Memories-Love
Is There Something I Should Know-Like
Sound of Thunder-Love
Friends of Mine-Love
Tel Aviv-Love
Total:  Average of 1.5 points per song
My Own Way-Like
Lonely in Your Nightmare-Love
Hungry Like the Wolf-Like
Hold Back the Rain-Love
New Religion-Love
Last Chance on the Stairway-Like
Save a Prayer-Like
The Chauffeur-Like
Total:  Average of 1.3 points per song
Seven and the Ragged Tiger:
The Reflex-Like
New Moon on Monday-Like
(I’m Looking for) Cracks in the Pavement-Okay
I Take the Dice-Okay
Of Crime and Passion-Like
Union of the Snake-Like
Shadows on Your Side-Like
Tiger Tiger-Love
The Seventh Stranger-Like
Total:  Average of 1 points per song
American Science-Dislike
Skin Trade-Dislike
A Matter of Feeling-Like
Hold Me-Okay
So Misled-Dislike
Meet el Presidente-Okay
Winter Marches On-Okay
Total:  Average of 0.65 points per song
Big Thing:
Big Thing-Dislike
I Don’t Want Your Love-Like
All She Wants Is-Like
Too Late Marlene-Okay
Do You Believe in Shame-Like
Interlude One-Dislike
Flute Interlude-Dislike
The Edge of America-Love
Lake Shore Driving-Like
Total:  Average of 0.58 points per song
Violence of Summer-Like
All Along the Waters-Dislike
My Antarctica-Okay
First Impression-Like
Read My Lips-Dislike
Can You Deal With It-Okay
Venice Drowning-Okay
Total:  Average of 0.455 points per song
The Wedding Album:
Too Much Information-Like
Ordinary World-Okay
Love Voodoo-Like
Drowning Man-Dislike
Come Undone-Dislike!!!
Breath After Breath-Like
None of the Above-Like
To Whom It May Concern-Dislike
Sin of the City-Okay
Total:  Average of 0.5 points per song
Big Bang Generation-Like
Electric Barbarella-Dislike
Out of my Mind-Like
Who Do You Think You Are-Dislike
Silva Halo-Okay
Be My Icon-Okay
Buried in the Sand-Dislike
Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For-Okay
Midnight Sun-Like
So Long Suicide-Dislike
Undergoing Treatment-Dislike
Total:  Average of 0.38 points per song
Pop Trash:
Someone Else Not Me-Okay
Lava Lamp-Dislike
Playing with Uranium-Okay
Hallucinating Elvis-Dislike
Starting to Remember-Like
Pop Trash Movie-Like
Mars Meets Venus-Dislike
Lady Xanax-Dislike
The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever-Like
Kiss Goodbye-Dislike
Last Day on Earth-Like
Total:  Average of 0.417 points per song
Want You More-Like
What Happens Tomorrow-Like
Bedroom Toys-Okay
Taste the Summer-Dislike
Finest Hour-Love
One of Those Days-Okay
Point of No Return-Dislike
Still Breathing-Okay
Total:  Average of 0.708 points per song
Red Carpet Massacre:
The Valley-Like
Red Carpet Massacre-Like
Falling Down-Okay
Box Full o’Honey-Okay
Skin Divers-Dislike
Tricked Out-Like
Zoom In-Dislike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She’s Too Much-Okay
Dirty Great Monster-Dislike
Last Man Standing-Okay
Total:  Average of 0.417 points per song
All You Need Is Now:
All You Need Is Now-Love
Blame the Machines-Like
Being Followed-Like
Leave a Light on-Like
Girl Panic-Like
A Diamond in the Mind-Like
The Man Who Stole a Leopard-Love
Other People’s Live-Like
Too Bad You’re So Beautiful-Love
Runway Runaway-Like
Return to Now-Like
Before the Rain-Love
Early Summer Nerves-Okay
Too Close to the Sun-Dislike
Networked Nation-Like
Total:  Average of 1.12 points per song
According to this then, my rankings of Duran albums are as follows:
First album
All You Need Is Now
Seven and the Ragged Tiger
Big Thing
The Wedding Album
Pop Trash and Red Carpet Massacre
I, obviously, didn’t include live albums or Thank You.  I also tried not to think too much and went with my gut instinct.  I also wonder if this method takes into account the time in which it was released.  For example, Red Carpet Massacre will always leave a less than positive taste in my mouth because of the division in the community, no matter what I think of the album, musically.  Likewise, Astronaut always makes me smile because of the reunion.  Does this way take into consideration the overall feeling of the album as the album as a whole can feel differently than the individual songs?  Will this ranking change over time?  I suspect that it would.  After all, each new album brings new music and a new perspective.   Time also changes one’s thinking.  Lastly, does this make me strange because I thought this was fun?  
What about the rest of you?  How would you rank the albums?  How did you determine your rankings?

14 thoughts on “Favorite Album”

  1. I listen to every album every week, listening to the it on the 5 working days, from Monday thru Fridays: I actually divide the total number of songs by 5, so that I “examine” and rate” a pair of songs every working day.
    I listen to their whole discography at least 3 times in the year, inlcuding Arcadia, Power Station and the 2 B-Sides box sets.
    I can tell you I equally love all of the recordings, Pop Trash is at the bottom of my top 13.

  2. Here are my rankings. In order to be fair – I arrived at mine just as you did yours, Amanda. I'm not going to include my individual song rankings but here is the final:

    1st Album
    Big Thing
    The Wedding Album
    Pop Trash
    Red Carpet Massacre

    The only thing that really surprised me that sort of goes against my gut instinct a teensy bit is to score Big Thing above SATRT – but the reasoning for that is I love the B-side to Big Thing, and there was nothing on SATRT that I truly adore.

    I have a difficult time understanding how anyone could love all of the recordings equally. My feeling is that they aren't MY children – this isn't MY band, and I didn't write the songs – so it's not like I have anything personally invested here. It's a simple matter of what I enjoy listening to most, it's not as though we're offending the band here by choosing a favorite. But….whatever. 🙂


  3. Okay after reading this earlier, I was curious to figure out what my own criteria be and see which albums would be at the top. It's difficult for me to say off the top of my head which one would be the absolute favorite because it changes from moment to moment. Taking in account that I often listen to DD while on my commute to work, I decided I would snatch the IPod and truly see which albums were played more often. Some placements weren't surprising while one or two were “wow really?”. So here's the list.

    Red Carpet Massacre
    Wedding Album
    Big Thing
    1st Album
    Pop Trash

    Notorious surprised me a bit. I truly do like that album and if I ever have the pleasure of seeing the band live again, I hope Notorious is on the set list but I guess I have to be in a funky mood to listen to it 🙂

  4. after Big Thing was released, i went through the exercise of ranking each song – much easier with only 5 albums. the songs ranking equaled how many points it got and i added up each album's songs. then i ranked those like a golf score: lowest won.

    now, i'll just say that i love the 1st album, Rio and Notorious the most, followed by Astronaut, Liberty and the Wedding album, all in no particular order. the albums collecting the most dust: Medazzaland and RCM.

  5. I'm not sure I understand why anyone who loves Duran Duran would dislike so many of their songs. I can't say that about any band I really like. Very weird. I don't like every song equally but they've put out some great ones and even The Man Who Stole A Leopard is better than the best songs of a good-sized number of bands. Such great talent and showmanship–I'm happy just being on the same planet with these guys. Having said that, here's my album list and there's not a huge drop between #1 and #12.

    1. Seven And The Ragged Tiger
    2. Rio
    3. Their first album
    4. All You Need Is Now
    5. Pop Trash
    6. The wedding album
    7. Notorious
    8. Liberty
    9. Red Carpet Massacre
    10. Astronaut
    11. Big Thing
    12. Medazzaland (last but not least—one of my all-time favorite songs is Electric Barbarella)


  6. Broke the rules a little by adding So Red the Rose and Thank You. Using the same rules, got these results:

    Seven and the Ragged Tiger & So Red the Rose
    Duran Duran (both versions scored the same as I like To the Shore and ITSISK equally)
    All You Need is Now
    Big Thing
    The Wedding Album
    Medazzaland, Pop Trash & Astronaut
    Red Carpet Massacre
    Thank You

    Was surprised to see Liberty so high up and Pop Trash so low, my feel for those albums is the opposite to the results, but on a song-by-song average this is how it came out. Also a wee bit surprised to see Rio edge out SATRT & SRTR.

  7. Ah, I did not make myself clear. I dislike some songs in comparison to other Duran songs—meaning that many that I “dislike” are still better than whatever is out there not by Duran except for a noticeable few that I really just generally dislike that received a few exclamation points after. 😀

    Besides, don't you think it is past time that I would need to prove my love since I write a blog everyday about the band? I think I have proven it quite significantly!


  8. Thanks for the explanation. I have no doubt about your feelings for the band. That's why seeing dislike all over the place was puzzling. If I like a band, the worst I could ever come up with to describe its songs would be just saying they're okay. I couldn't be too critical if my overall impression is good. Still, you really massacred Red Carpet Massacre, put Pop Trash in the trash, and sent Medazzaland to Never Never Land!


  9. Well, there are some songs by Duran that I truly don't like *coughZoomIncough* but I used my rating of love/like/okay/dislike in order to rate the songs quickly. I also think it is okay to love a band and not love or even like everything that they have done.


  10. It is interesting, isn't it, that one's overall feeling for an album could be different than how the rankings show it? I think it shows that the whole is different than the individual tracks.


  11. I don't like the Notorious album that much. I admit it. It's not that I mind the style of music – it's just not an album that I've ever really gotten into or had speak to me in the ways that their other stuff did. Maybe it's that I need more than just a song to dance to…I'm not sure. ???


  12. I have to agree, I find it MORE suspect when someone tells me that they love every single thing the band has ever done because quite honestly, they've gone through one hell of a lot of stylistic changes over the years.

    I can understand what you're saying, Randy – but I guess my feeling is that it's OK to be critical. We're not being rude by saying that we don't like some things they've done, we're being honest. I wouldn't guess that they would love every blog we've ever written either, and you know – that's OK too. I like honesty.


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