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Yesterday’s blog about the setlist in Manchester really got me thinking!  (Dangerous, I know!!!)  One of the points of discussion was about which albums were represented in the setlist.  I pointed out that out of Duran’s 14 albums, not all of them were represented and not all of the ones represented were represented equally.  These facts connected with yesterday’s poll question, which focused on people’s favorite album.  Quite a few fans voted on the poll and I took note of the results.  Here they are:

Self-Titled Debut
18.7% / 14
37.3% / 28
Seven and the Ragged Tiger
10.7% / 8
2.7% / 2
Big Thing
1.3% / 1
1.3% / 1
The Wedding Album
1.3% / 1
Thank You
2.7% / 2
0.0% / 0
Pop Trash
0.0% / 0
2.7% / 2
Red Carpet Massacre
4.0% / 3
All You Need Is Now
12.0% / 9
Paper Gods
5.3% / 4

Now, before I analyze the results, I will again point out that the question was, “Which Duran Duran Album is Your Favorite?”  The question was not which albums do you like or which albums do you not like.  People could only choose one.  I am told constantly how hard it is to pick a favorite because fans love them all.  I can understand that.  Yet, many did pick a favorite.  What do the results tell me?

First, many, many, many fans still absolutely LOVE early Duran Duran.  In fact, more than half of the votes went to the first two albums.  Yesterday, someone asked me if people choose their favorite album based on when they became fans.  That seems very possible.  After all, when they became fans is when they fell in love with the band’s music.  Hearing the album when you became a fan often brings people back to that magical time with good memories and gives lots of warm fuzzies.  Can we assume that the majority of fans became fans during the early years of the band?  If so, then, it makes sense that a lot of people would choose either the first album or Rio.  Also, those early albums set the stage.  They were the first time ANYONE heard the band.  The music of those first two albums is what Duran Duran is supposed to sound like–according to many because they were the first albums.

So, what about the rest of the results?  Which albums did not get any  votes?  There were two:  Medazzaland and Pop Trash.  Interesting.  While there are many in the fan community who openly love these albums, they are NOT their favorite albums.  For many, these albums don’t feel like the Duran Duran that they came to know and love.  They sound VERY different from those first two albums.  I know, for me, they represent a time that I wasn’t as involved with Duran Duran or the fan community for one VERY good reason.  There was no John Taylor.  Heck, there was no Roger Taylor either.  Of course, there were other albums that did not get many votes, including Big Thing, Liberty and the Wedding Album.  This really fascinates me.  The Wedding Album represents another time period in which a lot of people became fans.  Yet, those fans either didn’t vote or don’t think of the Wedding Album as their favorite despite when they became fans.  This, of course, contradicts my earlier theory.  What makes this even more interesting is the fact that the Wedding Album is the most represented album right now in the setlist beyond the current album of Paper Gods.  Yet, it isn’t that many people’s favorite, according to our poll.

Speaking of more current albums, I did note that all albums post-reunion were included in people’s favorites.  Out of those four (Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, All You Need Is Now and Paper Gods), the most popular choice for favorite album was All You Need Is Now.  While it is clear that there are many fans who love Paper Gods, All You Need Is Now still holds a big place in fans’ hearts.  Many still love that album.  Of course, time will tell how the fan community embraces these albums over as I am sure that preferences change.

So, what do you all think?  What observations can you make from this polling result?


14 thoughts on “Favorite Duran Duran Album”

      1. I thought he always proclaims Medazzaland his favourite in his guest blogs?! ;-D Still, my favourite changes from day to day! If only you pesky girls wouldn’t keep asking difficult questions… 🙂

  1. I think the TWA fans were underrepresented mainly because of the small sampling of fans who actually voted. I don’t think that it’s any surprise that the majority of fans became so during the early to mid ’80s. There are plenty of us who became fans later on, but it’s hard to deny the impact the band had during their heyday.

    1. It was a small sampling, which leads me to wonder why more people didn’t vote. Do we not appeal to fans who became fans during the Wedding Album era? Still, I have to wonder if people who became fans then would say that the Wedding Album is their favorite? -A

      1. I didn’t vote, Amanda…and it’s because it was over Thanksgiving weekend. There was so much going on, it’s been difficult to keep up. I would imagine plenty of others feel similar. -R

        1. Fair enough. I wasn’t as surprised by the low number of votes as I was about the Wedding Album not being as big of a favorite as I thought it would be, no matter how many people voted. -A

  2. I really like The Wedding Album, but it’s not my *favorite*. It’s one of my top Duran albums but it is not up there with Rio (which received my vote). Maybe you a future poll should ask for top 3 or top 5 albums next; you may see more TWA representation then. 😉

    1. I have no doubt that many people like the Wedding Album and it may very well be in people’s top 3 or top 5. I just thought it was interesting that most people are like you in that it isn’t their favorite even if the album is really liked! -A

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