Favorite Songs from Side and Solo Projects

As you all know, each day we ask a question related to Duran Duran on Facebook and Twitter.  The most recent sets of questions revolved around the side projects and solo projects that members of Duran Duran have done that were officially released.  We went through each one, song by song, until each side project and each solo project had a favorite song as voted on by the fans.  We included Power Station, Arcadia, Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Neurotic Outsiders, The Devils, Dom Brown and TV Mania.  Now, though, I’m curious as to how these favorite songs would do going against each other, in order to just make the fan favorite side/solo project song.  Thus, in order for people to be able to participate, I’m going to not only list the previously voted on favorites but also include videos for people to be able to hear them.  Let’s face, not everyone has copies of all of these side and solo projects.  This would give people an opportunity to participate, which is what we want.

Power Station–Some Like It Hot

Arcadia–The Promise

Andy Taylor–Take It Easy

John Taylor–Immortal

Neurotic Outsiders–Jerk

The Devils–Big Store

Dom Brown–Amazing

Here is a link to Dom’s Facebook page.  Amazing is the first song on the playlist.  🙂

TV Mania–Beautiful Clothes

Now that you know all the previous winners and can listen to each of the songs, you can vote!  Voting starts today and there will be as many rounds as possible in order to determine a big winner from this very cool list.  I look forward to the results!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Songs from Side and Solo Projects”

  1. These were all wonderful to listen to, and it is tough to chose just one favorite. So, I am going to go with my very biased preference and choose John Taylor's “Immortal”, as the song I like the best.

  2. Just like the rest of the daily questions, I will pick two each day that people can choose between with the one with higher votes remaining until there is one winner. Some Like It Hot has already been voted off.


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