February is out of focus

February is killing me this year. There are days when I can pretend that everything is nice and fine, and then there are other days where I just can’t.

Today, and really by “today” I mean the past few days, it is the latter. I don’t want to get into it all because to most people—what is happening at home is not blog-worthy. Everything really IS fine, just a little more stressful than a normal week might be, and I can’t focus. So I’m not going to try. When things are a little more settled, hopefully I will think clearly enough to be able to focus long enough to write more than two sentences.

I will say that early February is kind of, well…boring when it comes to Duran Duran. Take February 12, for instance. On this date, I actually have it on my calendar that John went to Fashion Week in 2012.  Not surprising. I mean, he IS John Taylor.  That said, Fashion Week? Really? Out of all the things we could commemorate on our calendar, we’ve got John going to Fashion Week up there?

Yep. I also have that the band played a show in Tampa at the Blue Line Theatre in 2005.  Like I said, February is a slow month. Painfully slow.

Interesting. On this same date in 2008, Playboy magazine featured Duran Duran. Definitely a deliberate move to reach out to more men, apparently…

because men read Playboy for the articles, right??

I could write an entire post on that one liner. Sometimes, this blog just writes itself.

Today is not that day.





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