Fingers in my brain

Are you on Twitter yet?  If not, there’s still time…

A few days back, I noticed, thanks to Duran Duran’s Facebook, that TV Mania has it’s own Twitter. I won’t lie, I was curious. First of all, who would be tweeting and would I be able to tell? Secondly, what would they say?? Thirdly, I really kind of wondered if they’d use the account of all. Let’s face it, there are plenty of celebs out there that have Twitter accounts and never use them. So, I did what any other curious fan might have done – I followed @TVManiaMusic and heard nothing. At some point over the weekend, I wrote it off – figuring that someone on the “Social Media” team from the band set up the account, but that neither Nick nor Warren would ever tweet. Then I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Well, yesterday late afternoon my time, I was on Twitter and noticed a few tweets in my timeline from @TVMusicMania. Surprise!! Let me share them with you…and more than a few came with their own photos to illustrate.

Is it possible that she’s been dreaming all this time? Heaven forbid that she ever comes down, for her fall will be all too sudden.

Wide eyed and restless, Sassy was in no mood to settle down.

I found this in your purse.

They promised to keep all information entirely confidential.

He would’ve been 32 this year. 

Job 17:14 “I have said to corruption, You are my father: to the worm, You are my mother, and my sister”

And finally….with bravado…

First of all, I want to know how they got hold of that first photo, clearly from in the middle of the night when my youngest snuck into my room. Back when she was about two, she developed this habit of sneaking into our room in the middle of the night. I would stir and there’d she’d be – staring at me. Scary.

Truthfully though, some of the tweets are very much on the other side of creepy. The “dark side”!  …“I found this in your purse.” I actually had to fight the urge to run to check!  ….”He would have been 32 this year.” And then there’s a blurred photo. No, that’s not creepy at all.  

If I have nightmares, I’m blaming Nick and Warren. Anyone else?

So I have to ask, dear readers – what does it all mean? Nothing? Something? And I forgot to mention that somewhere in the midst of the sudden burst of tweets last night, a very cryptic-but-not-really-so-cryptic map was shared. Not a single word added…just a tweet of a link to a map. Of Queens…because that’s not going to get speculation going at all, right?

I must admit, it’s all a little intriguing. (and creepy. Have I mentioned that?)  What’s even worse is that I keep going back to check for more! I have to applaud them for two things: getting my attention; and making me think. I like that. It’s been a long time since I was able to sit and overanalyze something to death, and obviously, we like that sort of thing here on Daily Duranie.  

On the other hand, I never thought I’d actually tweet Warren.  


4 thoughts on “Fingers in my brain”

  1. So many things about those posts SCREAM Nick! Especially that first image and the last. I agree, it leaves you thinking.While I am sure Warren can be suitably dark, it just does not FEEL like his style to me. Unless they are both contributing. Perhaps the map and maybe some of the other posts are his. Now I find myself wondering WHO was born in 1981. Did Warren have a kid we don't know of who didn't live? Somehow, I doubt Nick did. Was it someone's brother? Would Nick have had a sibling if not for something unfortunate he never spoke of?

  2. I think they do remind me of Nick…but mainly because I don't know Warren at all. I mean, I don't really KNOW Nick, but I know enough about him to picture those being from him…except that he claims he won't do Twitter. Hmm…

    As for the rest, I really think they're yanking our chains…and are probably laughing at the thought of fans sitting around trying to dissect the messages. 😀 -R

  3. Like the others, it sounds like Nick to me. In fact, it SCREAMS Nick. There's something about the 'voice' of the Tweets that seems more of an aristocratic heart and working class mentality UK speech pattern than a Guido from the streets of Brooklyn (not insulting Guido's from the streets of Brooklyn by ANY stretch — just saying there is a DISTINCT difference in the dialects and speech patterns.)Is it actually Nick tweeting?…Beats me, but I could easily foresee it being him – and if I were a betting person, I totally would say yes. Just my 2cents.

  4. I would love to think it's Nick…mainly because it is high time that man decided to tweet and I adore what he (or someone brilliant) is doing with TV Mania.

    Is it really Nick? I just have to say – does it really matter?


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