For Rumors in the Wake of Such a Lonely Crowd

I have been out of town, on a trip.  This particular trip was jam packed with activities and when there was a chance to breathe, it usually involved trying to get a cup of coffee to get warm or some meal.  Thus, Duranland was pushed to the side.  A break like this isn’t a bad thing as it can renew one’s energy and interest upon returning.  Heck, I was so out of the loop that I had to read my own blog to find out what has been talked about! 

It seems like things have gotten a little out of whack since I left.  First, we have tweets from TV Mania that no one can really figure out.  Then, today, a rumor starting going around about John Taylor leaving the band.  Relax, dear readers, this rumor has already been debunked by DDHQ, by calling it a “lie”.  Anyway, the point of the blog could be about how easy it for rumors to get started and spread, especially during downtime when we (fans) start to feel like we don’t know what is happening.  We begin to speculate as to what is going on and rumors, sometimes, provide answers to the unknown.  I could also blog about how posters who mentioned this rumor were treated.  Yet, most of these exchanges were taking place while I was at work.  Thus, I am sure that I missed some, if not most, of what took place.  Nope, this blog is going to be a simple one, which is my reaction to all of this.

I found myself extremely frustrated by this rumor.  Why?  I was frustrated for a variety of reasons.  First, of all things to be rumored, it has to be about John’s place in the band?!  Really?!  My favorite player?!  It just made my stomach tie in knots.  Then, I just found myself frustrated by our fandom.  Lastly, I was just plain frustrated that I couldn’t ease back into Duranland.  What I needed was some cool something, some exciting something to get me excited by the future…to get me thinking about all things fabulous connected to Duran.  What I got was the opposite.  I didn’t find myself wanting to get to twitter or facebook to see and read about what was happening.  I found myself wanting to avoid Duranland.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  Heck, even blogging today has been tough.  I have started three times and even now I wonder if the blog sounds terrible, uninterested, bored, uninspired. 

I realize that fandom isn’t always hearts and flowers and I don’t want it to be.  Yet, I don’t want to read about rumors, especially upsetting rumors like that even when they are proven untrue right away.  I also don’t want to read about people’s reactions to the rumors or to the debates that I’m sure it inspired.  I don’t want to see how badly, if at all, fans were treating other fans.  There are days and times I just want to bury my head in the sand and not see or hear any of the negative.  I don’t want any drama.  I admit it.  Tell me I’m not the only one!

Part of my desire to put blinders on is because I had a great trip and this trip had nothing to do with Duran.  Thus, as I move my brain back to reality, back to Duranland, I don’t want the crappy parts of being a Duranie.  I need the fun parts of being a Duranie.  Is that too much to ask??? 


4 thoughts on “For Rumors in the Wake of Such a Lonely Crowd”

  1. You're not the only one, Amanda. I avoided Twitter as much as possible yesterday. Watching the speculation unfold before me only made my stomach sour–not the way I want to think about my favorite band, let alone my favorite member of my favorite band. So glad DDHQ debunked the story and laid it to rest.

  2. I think I know why John was picked to be the one leaving. He's done it before. Simple as that. Tho they could have said Roger too. The reason Simon and Nick weren't picked as leaving is because they never have left. No matter what. Those two have always been part of it. I am REALLY glad it was untrue. Simon is my fave but losing John again would just hurt.
    I really wish people would actually do research before posting said rumors tho. It's annoying to be hit with stupidity first thing in the morning before I even get coffee in my system. Sometimes I want to bury my head in the sand too and avoid all the drama and idiocy that seems to surround the band. Come on people CHECK before you post or something. We live in an age where you can get almost any information if you actually LOOK it up. We aren't in high school anymore.

  3. I don't even know where to start on this one.

    I'm not angry about the rumor, first of all. Yeah, so there was a rumor yesterday about John leaving the band. Big deal. Honestly, it's not as though that never happens. It's in between albums..there's no news as of late…and people start talking, speculating and making ridiculous assumptions. I've been a fan of this band long enough to know the pattern, as much as I prepare myself knowing that it's coming, I still hate the downtime as a result.

    Secondly, what does upset me is that people don't even know the circumstances in which the rumor erupted and yet I've seen people completely go ballistic – saying that the person isn't a “Real Duranie”, etc etc.

    What exactly IS a “Real Duranie”? From what I can gather based on comments yesterday – it's someone who thinks they are the ultimate fan, looks down on everyone else and only accepts rumor when it's convenient (and positive) for THEM. Otherwise they will run screaming “Off with their heads!!” If that's a Duranie – then I am definitely not one. I spent time yesterday suggesting that we just let the whole thing go, saying that I really believe (and I really do in this case) it was an honest mistake. Going around suggesting that someone isn't a fan because they made a statement and asked a question that no one liked is a little over-the-top, even for me. It's not about “researching it”…she simply wanted to know if others had heard similar. Others took that statement and ran with it – spreading it like wildfire, along with practically calling for the original posters head on a platter, because yes – we are still in junior high school.

    I've seen far, far worse in this community that goes completely unchecked, unnoticed and in some circles – even heralded. I think if anything, that is what remains mind-blowing to me. Not the fact that someone heard from someone else that John is due to announce he's leaving the band…because as I said…those rumors start nearly every single day. It's the way that we treat one another that I think is incredibly shocking, not to mention very telling. It's no wonder the band is scared to death of us. I can't blame them.


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