For your reading pleasure….

Who here is excited to get their hands on John?

Ok, OK….I was just kidding.  Trying to wake y’all up on a Wednesday!  (Note to the readers: I really don’t say “y’all” much in real life.  Like ever.  I don’t know what made me type that. Things happen sometimes.)

We were treated to both the UK/Australia and US press releases for John’s book today, In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death & Duran Duran.  I hear that at least for the US, it’s coming out on October 16th.  So we’ve got one fairly “dry” month to get through before we will get the tactile pleasure of having John between our fingers and whispering in our ears. (audio version…get it?)

Wow.  I’m just going down a road on this blog today that I probably shouldn’t really travel.  Something must have been in my coffee this morning.  

One thing I have to say about this book is that…well, actually there are a few things…in the little bits and pieces that I’ve seen/read/etc. is that the big selling points for everyone who is NOT a Duran Duran fan seem to be the sex and drug highlights.  I’ve read about how the band had a number printed on the morning “This is what date it is, where you are, and what we’re doing here” paper that they received each morning.  That number told them what the age of consent was in that particular place.

My comment?  Nice.  I guess there really WAS a reason I wasn’t allowed to go to concerts alone back then.

All joking aside, I really hope that the book is less “tell-all sensational” than the press seems to be making it out to be.  I really hope to gain some insight beyond John’s drug of choice and why.  I mean, that’s all fine and good – but I really want to know about him.  I don’t think I’m alone in that desire, but I also completely recognize what sells books.  It is just business, even though I’m still hoping for that cathartic moment when I read or write – where it all just becomes clear.  I kind of think this is one of those many situations where you can go into it just expecting far, far too much.  I’ve seen so many fans hoping that he’s just going to open up the flood gates and tell us everything – from why he changed his name to what exactly happened (and all the dirt contained within) in his marriage to Amanda, and just why it is that he and Andy seem so incredibly bitter towards one another.  I suppose that from my point of view, I just think John has to keep something for himself.  I have no idea what he does or doesn’t reveal in this book – but if I had to guess, there is plenty that he simply chooses not to say at all.  While it might drive fans crazy, I can’t really blame him.  There’s a saying I’ve heard amongst musicians and even some actors/actresses.  They leave it all on the stage for our enjoyment, and whatever is left over is theirs, and theirs alone.

Seems fair to me, even if my natural curiosity about people makes me wonder what’s beyond that glossy sheen we see in the photos, in the music and on the stage.

Here are the press releases, for your reading and gawking pleasure.


North America

I personally can’t wait to have John telling me his story….I’m definitely getting that audio book and I dare say it might even sell better than the printed version.


8 thoughts on “For your reading pleasure….”

  1. A little off topic (sorry) but since you mentioned books – I was wondering if Amanda is related to Matthew Pustz? I am referring to Matthew Pustz who is the author of “Comic Book Culture: Fanboys and True Believers”. If so, is this how you and Rhonda got the idea to do your book about Duran fandom?

    -Just Curious

  2. Personally, I plan to download the audio from whatever source I can get it from first! I don't care what country or what store (Amazon/I-Tunes). I just want to start to listen to it the SECOND it is available somewhere. I am thinking of getting a copy of the book from both US and UK since the covers are a bit different. I saw there was a paperback version listed for the UK> I have not looked to see if there is one for the US yet, but I assume it will most likely not be released that way for a year or so, like with most books here. And I will go as soon as I can to have them signed. (Another reason in music, I prefer to have a CD or vinyl instead of a download. You CAN'T SIGN A DOWNLOAD! Same with an E-Book.)

  3. Hi Just Curious-I'm terribly curious as to how you would connect Matt and I as he is, indeed, my brother. How do you know about him?

    While my siblings have inspired me in many ways, his work wasn't a direct influence. If you are familiar with his first work, it does relate to fandom. In his case, the fandom is comic books. He discusses all different types of comic book fans and how together, they create a culture. Rhonda and I are really more about trying to describe fandom and why someone would participate. We use our experiences and the Duran fandom to explain fandom (both positive and negative aspects). Rhonda described a little more about the book here: More to follow!


  4. Hi Amanda,

    I work as a Hotel Event Manager in San Diego. We just had the Comic Con convention. I was speaking with a co-worker of mine who is big time into comics. We started talking about fans of not just comics but of music, etc. He told me about the book he read (by your brother). However, I didn't realize it was your brother at first. But, I am pretty good with google, etc. and eventually connected the dots.

    I think it's cool that your brother is an author! Isn't it funny how it's such a small world! 🙂 I should read your brother's book to get more insight into the comic fans. Because I frankly don't relate to them. Guess it's because it's just not my cup of tea but I surely get music fans. 🙂

  5. Wow! He is going to be thrilled to know that his book is being read and discussed! He will love that! Good for you to connect the dots on google…although I don't think we ever listed last names on here. Are you friends with us on facebook?


  6. Has your brother ever been to Comic Con in San Diego? It's a really big deal out here!

    I didn't know you guys had a facebook page so no – we aren't FB friends. Are you listed as Daily Duranie?


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