Friday Night Videos: Daily Duranie Style Intro and Part 1

Alright everyone, it’s time for the new challenge!  This time, we’re doing a video challenge, and it’s no holds barred!  We have a clue for every single video that the band, the side projects, or the solo projects from the original 5 members that have been done.  That means there are clues for every Duran Duran, Arcadia, Power Station, John Taylor, Simon LeBon, Andy Taylor AND The Devils video.   Bands that the members may have done production for (for instance the Dandy Warhols or Kajagoogoo) are not included.  Some clues are going to be ridiculously easy, we are sure…and some are going to be more difficult and you might even need to watch videos to find the answer.  That’s the whole point!  Too many of us have only seen the most popular DD videos, and so here’s your chance to brush up on the video history! 

Each week on Friday we will post a set of 10 clues, and then the following Friday we will post the answers to the previous 10 along with the new clues for that week.  We encourage you to have your own version of Friday Night Videos at home in order to find the answers! 

In order to keep the game going for everyone, we are asking you to either send your answers directly to Daily Duranie by commenting (we see the comments before we post, and we won’t “post” answers until the following week when the answers are posted).  You can also send us an email with your answers (, contact us on twitter (@dailyduranie), or find us on Facebook and send us a private message.  Please don’t post your answers directly on our Facebook page until we’ve posted the correct answers here first, just so that everyone has a chance to play!

What do you win?  Daily Duranie’s undying respect and some bragging rights.  That’s right – this is just for fun.  We are just fans like all of you, so we’ve got nothing to give away!  It’s a friendly game, so join right in and let’s see how well you’ve paid attention to the videos over the years!

Week 1 Questions:

1.  In which video is John wearing a red and black sweatshirt?

2.  What unreleased, yet still official video has the band sitting around a table talking while Simon (incorrectly, we might add) is lip syncing the words?

3.  What video has dominoes in it?

4.  Which video shows a phallic rocket in the background?

5.  What video has a shot straight up Roger’s nose?

6.  What video features motorcycles that none of the band are riding?

7.  What video makes you think you’ve been sent back in time to see the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine?

8.  Which video shows a man getting black marker on his bald head?

9.  Simon ages right before our eyes in this video.

10.  Which video has the band’s shirts going back and forth between white and black?

We can’t wait to get your answers and remember we will give answers next Friday to this first set!!!

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