Friday Night Videos: Daily Duranie Style Part 2

It’s Friday!!!!  I’m particularly excited by that because I suffered through my first week back at work.  Now, I am sure that many of you are expecting me to discuss, comment, talk about last night’s rehearsal show (even though I wasn’t there) and I will.  I need some more time to see what people are saying!  On top of that, it’s Friday which in the land of the Daily Duranie means it is time for Friday Night Videos!!!  Thus, I’m about to do the big reveal about the first set of questions for our Video Challenge and then give you the next set!  We would like to thank everyone who sent us messages on email, on twitter, or on facebook with your answers!  It seemed clear that most people were pretty good on the official Duran videos but struggled more with the side projects and solo videos!  My recommendation, then, is to watch those first!

Now, on to the answers of the first 10 video challenge questions!

1.  In what video is John wearing a black and red sweatshirt?
Answer:  Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band-Aid.  The sweatshirt was in fact a Duran Duran one!

2.  What unreleased, yet official, video has the band sitting around a table talking while Simon is incorrectly lip syncing the lyrics?
Answer:  Friends of Mine

3.  What video has dominoes in it?
Answer:  Do You Believe in Shame?

4.  Which video shows a phallic rocket in the background?
Answer:  Some Like it Hot by Power Station

5.  What video has a shot straight up Roger’s nose?
Answer:  Planet Earth

6.  Which video features motorcycles that none of the band are riding?
Answer:  Violence of Summer

7.  Which video makes you feel like you have been sent back in time to see The Beatles Yellow Submarine?
Answer:  Someone Else Not Me

8.  Which video shows a bald man getting black marker on his head?
Answer:  Communication by Power Station

9.  Simon ages right before our eyes in this video.
Answer:  Out of my Mind

10.  Which video has the band members’ shirts going back and forth between white and black?
Answer:  She Can Rock It by Power Station

Now, on to this week’s!!!  Remember that the videos can’t be used twice so the ones listed above aren’t going to be answers.  Also, please, send us your answers via our email (, direct message on twitter, private message on facebook or a comment here!  Happy video watching!!!

11.  Which video has the crowd in 3D glasses?

12.  In which video does two different women throw the same red glove?

13.  This video demonstrates that remote controls don’t always work!

14.  Which video shows milk being spilled?

15.  This video features tribal dancing.

16.  What video shows Steve Ferrone on drums and Nile Rodgers on guitar?

17.  Which video does Nick pull petals off of a rose twice?

18.  Which video shows John putting on a tie?

19.  In which video does Simon look like he needs lunch since he is carrying around a fork?

20.  If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that Rhonda didn’t realize that Roger was in this video until recently?

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