Friday Night Videos: Daily Duranie Style Part 3

I apologize that the blog is late today.  I am struggling with getting back into a groove with work, which has been kicking my ass.  After work today, I ran an errand and decided to allow myself a little nap.  Somehow, the alarm got turned off and the next thing I know it was an hour and a half later.  Think I was tired?  Anyway, working late hours and taking a nap equals a late blog!  Sorry.  On to happier topics, it is time for the Daily Duranie’s Friday Night Videos, or our weekly video challenge. 

Here are the answers to last week’s questions!
11. Which video has the crowd in 3D glasses?
Answer:  Too Much Information

12. In which video does two different women throw the same red glove?
Answer:  Election Day by Arcadia

13. This video demonstrates that remote controls don’t always work!
Answer:  Electric Barbarella

14. Which video shows milk being spilled?
Answer:  Get It On by Power Station

15. This video features tribal dancing.
Answer:  Lonely in Your Nightmare

16. What video shows Steve Ferrone on drums and Nile Rodgers on guitar?
Answer:  Notorious

17. Which video does Nick pull petals off of a rose twice?
Answer:  The Promise by Arcadia

18. Which video shows John putting on a tie?
Answer:  Feelings Are Good by John Taylor

19. In which video does Simon look like he needs lunch since he is carrying around a fork?
Answer:  Is There Something I Should Know?

20. If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that Rhonda didn’t realize that Roger was in this video until recently?
Answer:  Perfect Day

Thank you to those people who played and sent in answers, whether those answers were 2 or 10!  Here are the next 10 questions!  Remember videos will not be used twice so the answers listed above and the answers to last week’s challenge cannot be used for this week’s answers.   Also, please, send us your answers via our email (, direct message on twitter, private message on facebook or a comment here! Happy video watching!!!

21.  Which video shows a band playing in a darkened room except for a row of small, square windows?

22.  Which videos does it appear that Nick’s makeup gets messed up by a pair of hands?

23.  Ropes, a compass, a wood deck…what video is this?

24.  Which video has Jane Fonda shown on screen as none other than Barbarella?

25.  In which video does Simon end up in a bathtub?

26.  Which video takes place in a courtroom where funk is on trial?

27.  A red walkman takes center stage as the villian in this video.

28.  This video shows Roger in a bed.  Is there anyone else IN the video because Rhonda didn’t notice? 

29.  Fire and someone on stilts…what video is that?!?

30.  Which video shows a bird sitting on a person’s shoulder and then on a person’s head?

One thought on “Friday Night Videos: Daily Duranie Style Part 3”

  1. 21. ?
    22. Goodbye Is Forever
    23. Rio
    24. Burning the Ground
    25. Falling Down
    26. I Don't Want Your Love
    27. A View To a Kill
    28. ? Nightboat??
    29. Wild Boys
    30. Hungry Like the Wolf

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