Friday Night Videos: Daily Duranie Style Part 4

Happy Friday, everyone!!!!  I, for one, am super duper glad that it is Friday because this work week felt like it was 3 weeks long instead of being one week long!  Anyway, I’m ready for some fun and that means it is time for a little Duran!  Yep, it is the 4th installment of the Daily Duranie Friday Night Videos Challenge!  Before my exhaustion shows too much, here are the answers to last week’s questions:

21. Which video shows a band playing in a darkened room except for a row of small, square windows?
Answer:  I Might Lie by Andy Taylor

22. Which videos does it appear that Nick’s makeup gets messed up by a pair of hands?
Answer:  Goodbye is Forever by Arcadia

23. Ropes, a compass, a wood deck…what video is this?
Answer:  Rio

24. Which video has Jane Fonda shown on screen as none other than Barbarella?
Answer:  Wild Boys

25. In which video does Simon end up in a bathtub?
Answer:  The Flame by Arcadia

26. Which video takes place in a courtroom where funk is on trial?
Answer:  I Don’t Want Your Love

27. A red walkman takes center stage as the villian in this video.
Answer:  A View to a Kill

28. This video shows Roger in a bed. Is there anyone else IN the video because Rhonda didn’t notice?
Answer:  (Reach Up For The) Sunrise

29. Fire and someone on stilts…what video is that?!?
Answer:  Serious

30. Which video shows a bird sitting on a person’s shoulder and then on a person’s head?
Answer:  Follow in My Footsteps by Simon LeBon

Now, for the next set of questions!  This is the usual drill.  Send us answers by commenting here, an email (, a private message on facebook or a direct message on twitter!  This allows everyone a chance to play without seeing any hints or answers!  Happy video watching!!!

31.  Which video features a book that shares the title with the song title?

32.  Which videos shows a little kid watching a guy try to break into a car?

33.  Which video showed someone in jail?

34.  Which video showed Simon wearing a white, winter hat?

35.  Which video has Nick on a typewriter as opposed to a keyboard?

36.  Which video uses black and white drawings of skulls?

37.  Bonfires…animals…any Duran know this one?

38.  Which video shows Simon singing on a balcony above a pool?

39.  Which videos shows an old lady sitting and drinking sherry?

40.  In which video do people eat popcorn?

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