Fun Duranie Homework!!!

I so love our friends.  Not only do they read the blog and support everything that we decide to do but they also share ideas, articles, books, movies and more with us!  Sometimes, our friends pass on things that they think we might be interested in.  Obviously, the topic of these media items tend to be about fandom, in some way, shape or form.  They are all worthy of a read or a look and many are worthy of blog topics, which is really good because we need those!  (Durantime is a killer!  I swear Rhonda and I won’t know what to do when we actually get to talk about Duran news!)  Just this past week, I had at least 4 friends share ideas or articles with me.  I love that!!!  I actually woke up this morning knowing that I was going to pick one and write about it.  Of course, I had to think about and debate which one I should choose!  This is one problem I don’t mind having!  Anyway, I chose this one simply because it is participatory as it requires ALL of you to do your homework!  I promise, though, it is a fun assignment and one you won’t mind doing!

As you all know, through our daily questions, we got fans to pick a favorite song from each album.  Then, we took favorite songs from each album and had fans vote on them to find an overall fan song.  What this method did not really take into consideration is that favorites can appear on the same album.  One favorite song could appear on Notorious and one’s second favorite song could appear on that as  well.  Anyway, the other day, our friend, Jeanette, suggested that post a song challenge.  This challenge?  Simple.  The Top 25 Duran Duran songs as voted on by all of us, by the fans.

Now, I’m sure that some of you are going to say that I love all Duran Duran songs.  With a sigh, I respond with, yes, you can love all of their songs but what this challenge, this homework assignment is going to do is ask you to think about your FAVORITES, the songs you love MORE.  I enjoy tasks like this as I love thinking about Duran’s music and their individual songs.

So, here is how this is going to work.

*People will send lists of their top 25 favorite Duran Duran songs.

*They will send the lists PRIVATELY through Facebook messages, Twitter DMs, or email (

*The songs need to be numbered as each number is given a value, which will be used in order for me to be able to rank them.  For example, a song that is listed as a number 1 is going to be worth 25 points.  A song listed at number 25 is worth 1 point.  The song with the most points will be our collective number 1.  The song with the second highest points  will be number 2, etc. until we complete the 25.

*The lists are DUE on FEBRUARY 14TH.  I figured that Valentine’s Day would be a good day to give some love to Duran songs!  Then, I will reveal the list here on the blog and take a look at what songs made the cut and which ones didn’t.

*Rhonda and I will also participate.  I will make her do it.  We will share our lists when it is over on the blog as well.

Good luck everyone!!


P.S.  I think my method will be to make a list of Duran songs I love then try to number them.  I will also try not to think too much or else I might go a little crazy!  LOL!  Other suggestions on how to approach this homework??

16 thoughts on “Fun Duranie Homework!!!”

  1. Early Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Glad to take part, soon you’ll get my list.
    PS. I’m going to say it again, so forgive me if I read a boring as*: your blog is amazing and love reading it. It’s the kind of interaction the DDM VIP Fan Community Forum regulars need to not feel lonely.

  2. I didn’t read your postscript until I’d submitted my list via e-mail, but that’s exactly how I did it: Songs first, order next. Looking forward to seeing the final tally.

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