Fun on the High Seas Continues!

Ed note: My apologies for continuing to publish so late this week. There’s a lot going on, and unfortunately I’ve had to wait later and later to begin writing this week. Hopefully this will smooth out again in the coming days!! This particular post was written and submitted last week, but due to scheduling, I needed to wait and publish it today. Please enjoy the break from reality!! -R

Teenage Ambitions We Remember Well…

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to go to concerts, or do most other “fun” teenager things. Which I think is one of the reasons I am so adamant about chasing these activities now. I’ve never forgotten those dreams from my early years. This cruise has been an amazing way to see several of those musical artist ambitions through in a short period of time.

Yesterday, Russ and I took a celebrity-led excursion with Mark Goodman (MTV VJ) and John Payne of Asia. Approximately 100 people were with us, lapping up the sun, and talking to the two celebrities like old friends. That’s the atmosphere on this trip. One of true extended family. If we do indeed come back next year, we have already revised our plans for getting things done: skip the island excursions to rest up more for the shows and hang out in the bars later in order to mix with the celebrities more. It was Russ’ idea, but let me assure you — the fan girl in me is all about it!

I’m Not Expecting To Grow Flowers in the Desert…

I think that Lori Majewski said it best when introducing Annabella from BowWowWow last night. She had tried to describe the experience to her husband in a phone call home, and remarked, “Where else can you do a concert in the afternoon, a concert in the evening, and a concert at night?” All without going out into the weather or traveling more than two floors from Point A to Point B! Unlike a festival, there’s no camping. No port-a-potties. No standing in lines for hours. There are cushioned seats. There’s climate control. There’s free alcohol, as much as you want/can tolerate. In other words, it’s more than you expect, and how very pleasant is that!

I Want Candy…

There’s plenty of “sweet stuff” on this cruise. There’s a prom night. A chance to renew your vows. The opportunity to spend time together in a way that you just don’t make time for when you’re at home. 

In terms of the musical dessert bar, well, I can barely get started. Yesterday alone, I caught an interview with Grandmaster Flash at 3:30. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with him and what he had to say about his feelings about the origins of hip hop. At 4:30, I got to see Big Country play to an absolutely packed Studio B. The energy between the band and crowd was unreal! We skipped dinner in the formal dining room to go up to the Windjammer, where they offer more of a buffet, so that we could get back to Studio B at 7, for Annabella, the most adorable little ball of energy in the universe (BowWowWow would not have been the same band with Boy George fronting them, so thank God, fate intervened)!  Then we went to get in line when that was over, to see Berlin in the Palace Theater at 9 p.m., because we are red card holders (meaning that we are signed up for the second “main show” each night). Then came the Punk Rock Prom, which we skipped. Being newbies, we didn’t do any of the dress-up nights, decorate our doors, etc.  But we were also very tired and in dire need of deep rest. 

Swimming in Apologies…

In fact, I needed rest so much that I completely forgot that today is Friday. So my blog post is coming late, for which I apologize profusely. Today finds us on a private island in Haiti, Labadee. To say that it is gorgeous is such an understatement! I haven’t made it out to the water yet. That’s next on my agenda. Only a couple of musical events on tap for tonight. Since tomorrow is our final day, I guess that I will start packing up tonight. Were going to need an extra suitcase for all the swag we have gotten with the 80’s Cruise logo on it. Including a bottle of red, red wine left in our rooms last night! 

I’m interested to see how the entertainment company offers to make up for the stars who canceled (they are supposed to do so within the month that we get home), but I will say that I feel like they have really given it their best shot during the remainder of the cruise to make some amends. I guess that all of us have times when we find ourselves swimming in apologies. Extending a lifeline is a pretty humane thing to do. 

I hope to do another blog post or two next week, one on an interview on Saturday, called “Ladies of the 80’s,” and one that is a sort of synopsis/wrap-up of the cruise overall. I hope that these have been of interest to at least some of you, and maybe we will see some of you out here with us next year.  Lord willing, it looks like a bang-up lineup for 2021!

Chrissie Anderson Peters is an author who lives in Bristol, TN, with her husband Russ, and their five feline children. She fell in love with Duran Duran during the video to “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” She was 13, and came late to the party, but she’s staying until they kick her out.

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  1. Glad you’re having fun! It sounds awesome! Hope you’re able to dock back home and not get stuck on the ship. It’ll probably suck being stuck at home for two weeks after you get back, but better safe than sorry!

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