Funny It’s Just Like a Scene out of Voltaire and the Show, Derek!

As I was checking around this morning in the online world of Duran Duran, I noticed a little YouTube video had been posted by Duran Duran’s facebook.  What’s this, I wondered.  It was just what I needed!  The clip was an episode of “Derek”, which is a British comedy written, directed and starring Ricky Gervais.  The show focuses on Derek who helps out in a kind of nursing home.  For this particular episode, the home is putting on a cabaret show.  In the past, they were able to hire a celebrity but the budget has forced them to do it themselves.  As part of this show, they are going to do a play on Duran Duran.  You can imagine the comedy that ensues.  Here is the clip for your own enjoyment!

Now, tell me that I wasn’t the only one to laugh out loud, especially at the Duran parts.  Let’s discuss.  The opening scene is one in which the staff are discussing the cabaret show and what they can include in it.  Derek’s friend, Kev, introduces the idea of doing a play based on a movie that he wrote about Duran Duran in 1998.  During this scene, of course, there is a lot of references to commonly stated stereotypes or beliefs about Duran, which as a fan I truly appreciate.  I couldn’t help but to laugh at some of the humor directed at our favorite lead singer with references to his name and more.  Of course, no reference to Duran would be complete without a mention of hair and women’s clothing.  Ah…stereotypes.

As the show moves closer, Derek and company have to find the rest of the band and have to find appropriate clothing and hair.  Derek first asks the kid who is fulfilling his community service at the home only to find out that there were no black people in Duran!  Where do they collect clothing?  They borrow from the residents while Wild Boys plays in the background!  Then, of course, they need to find a drummer and can’t remember Roger’s name.  LOL!  No worries.  Nick gets name checked as well. 

Of course, my favorite scene definitely has to be the show itself!  The introduction is priceless as the audience gets asked to pretend that it is Birmingham in 1791.  *snort*  It wasn’t that long ago!  Then, the performance of Planet Earth was the best!  Like Simon, lyrics weren’t always so easy to remember for Derek!  It also featured the best line of the whole show, “There is nothing funny about Duran Duran!”  Oh, I disagree!  I can and have laughed at the band many, many, many times and have no doubt that I will do it more!  Likewise, I have laughed at shows like this one!

I absolutely adore the fact that Duran Duran gets referenced in shows like this one.  It shows, first of all, that Duran is commonly known, that they are part of the pop culture landscape.  Second, I love the fact that the jokes here were really based on all the bad stereotypes of the band, including Simon’s a bum, no knows Roger’s name, is Duran the name of a person, etc.  This provides a little extra humor for the Duran fans while still being able to appeal to the larger audience.  Good, fun viewing on a Sunday morning!


3 thoughts on “Funny It’s Just Like a Scene out of Voltaire and the Show, Derek!”

  1. I have watched the clip via the link provided by the guys on Facebook yesterday and… I did enjoy it!
    As a fan, I am pleased whenever my heroes are mentioned and paid with tributes like these ones!
    In my country we had comedians and brilliant performers who paid “Derek-style” tributes to the band, in the 80s: they were never dirty performances, no obscene language was spoken and they used all of the stereotypes that in Italy were perceived on the band, back then. The clips of those gags still pop out on You Tube and I still laugh, with a little feeling of nostalgia. Thank you for sharing.

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