Game Day Thursday!!

Tomorrow, Duran Duran plays their first show in 2012.  Am I the only fan that gets excited by this?  I’m not going to be at that show or any show that has been announced (so far).  Yet, I still get all giddy when I think about them playing shows!  I love that fans will get to see them (even if I’m not one of them!).  I can’t wait to hear about how the show was!  In fact, I’m sure that I’ll be checking their official website, facebook and twitter to see what the setlist was.  John had a bit of a tweetfest yesterday and he said that they were going to stick with the same setlist with some “variations”.  I want to know what that means!!!  Another place I will be searching will be youtube to see what, if any, clips get posted.  This way, I’ll feel like I’m part of the show, too, in a very small way.  All of this will increase my anticipation over other dates being announced!  After all, as part of John’s tweet-a-thon, he mentioned that they were for sure going to Madrid this summer.  I’m anxious to find out where else they plan to go!!  For me, shows mean that the band is still alive and well.  It shows that they are busy working and doing what they do best, playing live.  Thus, today’s game has the theme of Duran shows.  It is a crossword.  I hope you all enjoy it!!!


**Rhonda adds: Today marks our 500th post!!!!  That calls for serious celebration…so I’m gonna go have some coffee and try to stay awake!!!  Cheers, everyone!

1. Many like when Roger does what with his stick?
4. What do Duranies do when a member does something particularly pleasing?
6. What is the name of Duran's back-up singer?
7. What is our (Daily Duranie) favorite place to be?
8. What is the front section of the venue typically referred to?
9. What are seen behind the band on stage?
13. What song has Duran been starting shows with?
19. What phrase is chanted during John's intro?
21. What is the list of songs called for a show?
23. What song has been started lately by a fan and features Nick?
24. Who has been introducing Simon?
2. Who is Duran's current saxophone player?
3. What have been placed above the stage?
5. What is Nick often seen doing during a show?
10. What is yelled out after the Planet Earth line about the "tv sound"?
11. Who is playing guitar for Duran?
12. Which song do the fans tweet during?
14. What are audio recordings of shows?
15. Some fans like to laugh at Simon's what?
16. What is it called when John and Simon sing together in one microphone?
17. How many encores does Duran typically do?
18. What are Duranies reaching up for?
20. Which song has the video for it being played on the screens?
22. What song has Wild Boys morphed into during recent shows?

24 of 25 words were placed into the puzzle.

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