Get It Up, Get It Out, Get It in Time

There are some days that I can’t wait to blog.  There are some days that I wished I could blog but it isn’t my day to do it.  Then, there are days like this.  I’m crabby.  I’m tired.  I have things I want to say but not sure if I should put them out there or fear that if I do, I won’t explain them well enough to be understood.  Is this a problem with my writing?  Certainly.  Is a personal thing?  Most definitely.  Is a fan community thing?  Absolutely.  I will say this much.  Sometimes, many times, I feel like the odd one, the one who doesn’t fit in, which is why it always blows my mind when someone comments on a blog post of mine with agreement.  What?!  Someone actually sees it like me?!  Really?!  Sometimes, of course, I stick with topics that I know most people are going to understand my point.  It is safer that way.  Today is going to be one of those days.

This week, the members of Duran returned to the studio.  The reactions I saw where as I expected them to be.  Generally, there was excitement with lots of “yay”s and smiling faces.  I got this as it was my reaction, too.  Who wasn’t excited about seeing Duran back in the studio?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, despite all of the rumors about John leaving and Warren coming back, it appears as if things are as they were.  There are no lineup changes.  Heck, even, Mark Ronson is coming back.  Now, as the case for all things Duran, there are some people who might be disappointed that Warren isn’t back.  Heck, some might be sad that Andy isn’t either.  There is not universal excitement about Mark Ronson, either, as All You Need Is Now didn’t cut it for some fans.  That said, from what I could tell, most fans, a large majority of fans loved the album and are thrilled that Duran is continuing in the same path.  Truly, for most of us, we cannot wait to hear what they come up with and have confidence that it is going to be good!!!

Of course, I wouldn’t be me, though, if I didn’t put a little reality back into Duranland.  The band got back into the studio this week.  When do we think, in all seriousness, that we will hear a finished product?  I’m not saying this to focus on Durantime, something we are all familiar with, but to point out that this truly does take time.  Duran albums almost always have.  The only albums I can think of that truly went fast were the first two and that is definitely partly due to the fact that many of the songs were already written and arranged.  That isn’t the case in 2013.  I don’t hear of the band writing full songs while on tour.  Instead, I hear about their current writing process, about how they get into a room and play until someone comes up with something to focus on .  Then, the rest gets built around that.  This process sounds like it could go so quickly for some songs and take a very long time for others.  Would I like the band to go quickly with their albums?  Sure.  What fan doesn’t?!  That said, I would prefer to wait a little bit longer if it means that there is more quality to the songs and to get the best songs possible.  Yes, I know that there are some out there right now complaining about how the time in between albums kills Duran’s chances at momentum to increase commercial success and all that.  While I get that, I also recognize that making music is an art form, which sometimes truly can’t be rushed. 

This, of course, leads me to think about touring.  In fact, I had a dream last night in which I was in my childhood home trying to convince Rhonda to go to a show in Nova Scotia.  Seriously.  The reality is that DDHQ on Twitter has said that there will be no touring in 2013.  I have no reason to doubt this.  The band will be working on the album.  Will they take breaks?  Sure.  Will those breaks be to do shows?  Doubt it.  A break is a break.  Personally, my fandom doesn’t do well when the band isn’t releasing an album, preparing for a tour or touring.  I don’t like the fact that I will have a long time before I see them perform live again.  (Yes, I know that there are people out there who will call me spoiled since I have been able to see them so much.)  That said, I am so thankful that I have the convention to look forward to.  I love that I will be able to be around Duranies for a weekend and talk about Duran the entire time.  Maybe, then, my patience will be ever better while I wait for the album and tour, whatever year that they may be.


6 thoughts on “Get It Up, Get It Out, Get It in Time”


    Amanda – why not just ask about Iceland while you're at it?!? Could you please dream of warmer weather places….for me? 😀

    Listen, things aren't always going to be easy. With this band, they almost never are. I don't really have a timeline in my head, as long as they don't tour or do a show in October of 2013, they probably won't get hate mail from me.

    That said, if I don't see tweets from the string players in the band anytime soon – I may have to start taking field trips for general health and welfare checks! 😀 -R

  2. I am thrilled they are working with Mark again. He “gets” the Duran formula to produce an album that the fans will embrace. I am on board & a flag waver for him being involved with the next album.

    I am used to this band and other bands having large gaps in between albums. Maybe it's just something acquired with age. It provides us with time to listen to other bands. What is more important to me is that Duran WANTS to go into the studio and they are fully engaged into making a new album. If they aren't 100% there, I would rather the downtime be extended. I want an album that comes from their hearts & souls…..not contrived by pressure to crank out a new album…..yesterday.

    Same applies towards touring. It concerns me when I hear band members being tired of touring and just want to be back home. I get the desire to be at home….I feel the same way when I am out of town on business & return home. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz “There's no place like home.” Maybe the band can spread out the tour schedule so they can get home & spend quality time with their families in between legs of touring so they don't get to the point where they don't want to tour. It's called balancing home & work, boys. It's not rocket science….and it CAN be done.

    I hope your weekend improves Amanda! Have a great weekend ladies~!

  3. It was a great feeling to hear the boys back together to work on a new album.
    I guess during the first days they’re going to discuss on the steps to take, on the new music direction, so, to me, music might arrive later.
    I’m sad Andy is not with them, I do musically miss him, although I love Dom. Dom is a nice guy and I do appreciate his support and his outstanding contribution in their music and in their live shows so far.
    All You Need is Now is a big legacy, I know: well, I hope the discussions on the new music direction to take wouldn’t make these recording sessions too stressful!

  4. You make a good point, Lisa. Maybe there are good things about long times between albums and tours. I also agree with you 100% that I would prefer a longer time for better songs.

    Have a good weekend yourself!


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