Girl You’re Looking Beat

Blogging during Duran down time is not easy.  There is little news to respond to and many of the fandom overview topics have been covered.  I am beginning to feel like blogging is like teaching a student who really struggles to learn.  For teachers, that student pushes our thinking to be more creative, to try something new, to figure out something new in order to reach that kid.  On one hand, I appreciate that my job does that.  It keeps me creative and a good problem solver.  Now, I think the blog is kind of like that.  I now have to push myself to be creative when I blog during downtime.  I cannot assume that news will happen.  It is up to me to find something to talk about.

Luckily, I feel like I have up with an idea.  When I cannot think of anything to write, I will simply hit shuffle on whatever music device is closest to pick out a song.  From there, I’ll pick out a lyric that hits me for some reason.  I did that today and got the song, Shelter.  From there, I checked out the lyrics and focused in on, “Girl You’re Looking Beat.”  Yep.  I resemble that remark.

Teachers are funny creatures.  On one hand, the VERY last thing that we want to do is to talk school, work, the job.  On the other hand, we are desperate to share, to vent, to get our emotions out of our system.  After all, at work, we put on a game face with the students.  We learn to suppress our thoughts and feelings for the benefit of others, the students.  After awhile, this wears as does the work load both in and out of the classroom.  I’m sure, right now, if anyone would see me, s/he/they would think that I am looking beat.  They would not be wrong.

If work was not enough, the world has seemed very heavy lately.  News like the massacre that happened in Vegas or the suffering as a result of hurricanes and their aftermaths adds to the exhaustion.  Believe me when I say that the news gets to me.  Believe me when I also say that knowing the horror makes me less anxious than not.  If all that was not enough, I am busy planning an event for the political group that I lead and am making plans to pick up my niece from college for her fall break.  Heck, even last night’s book club added to the exhaustion.  Any and all activity feels like so much work right now.  Despite my exhaustion, I continue to move forward.

What is interesting to me is how there seems to be a Duran lyric to describe any time and any feeling.  It feels to me that this is the beauty of their lyrics.  They are left open to interpretation and do put into words that which is intangible, those very complex emotions that we all carry with us.  If you had to pick a lyric to describe you, right now, what is it and why?  I would love to know!


2 thoughts on “Girl You’re Looking Beat”

  1. I had a DD wtf moment today as I was sorting throughout-election my Rolling Stone magazine collection. I came across an issue with a horrid picture of Trump on the cover and in the lower left hand corner were 3 artists featured stories. The second one listed was Duran Duran with the article titled “The Tao of DD.”. It did not make my day. I simply ask ……..WHY!?! Keep up the loving yet grueling work. We Need You A&R

    1. I will definitely keep up the “loving yet grueling work” as you said. As for the blog, Rhonda and I are not going anywhere. 🙂 -A

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