Girls on Film – the Glee version

I will not lie, I winced when I read the news last week that Glee would be doing their own super-special version of this song.  I did, and I am not necessarily proud of that response.  The fact is, I have been trying to be more open minded about this sort of thing. DD’s music is begging to be covered, and Glee is a popular show.  It makes sense, and I should be puffing out my chest with pride, not wincing as I read a tweet, right??

Well, I still have memories over what was done to Hungry Like the Wolf and Rio. They were performed as a medley by Matt Bomer and Darren Criss.  I just didn’t want to see or hear of that happening to another DD song.  However, on the same token, a cover shouldn’t necessarily be a carbon copy of the original, should it?  Isn’t a cover version supposed to be another artist’s interpretation?  Shouldn’t I be applauding that?

Well, yes.  Yes I should, which is exactly why I’m no critic. The cheesy, whiney, blood-curdling version that Glee did of Hungry Like the Wolf simply isn’t my thing, regardless of what other fans may think. (Want to tell me I’m wrong? Get your own blog.)  I know that Glee sometimes often borders its writing and production on the cornball side of syrupy sweet. Overdone? Probably.  The way HLTW and Rio were done definitely fits that methodology, but would they go that route again?

Well, take a listen for yourself.

Girls on Film – Glee Style

When I listened, I had to admit that the music sounded pretty close.  Close. Not dead-on, so Duranies don’t be sending me hate mail saying I’m a bad fan! The chords at the beginning are not like the original, they’re clearly mellowed out for TV, and a lot of the very small elements in the music feel a little flat as opposed to the band’s writing, but it’s close.  Chord Overstreet does a reasonable job, although like everything he sings, I would swear he has a permanent smile on his face as he performs.  He’s not Simon LeBon of course, but you know – it’s not terrible. He has the right range. They didn’t go for cheese here, at least not in the way I had thought in my head.  I’m curious to see how the song is written into the show tomorrow night, so I’ll probably take the time to watch — something I haven’t really done all season.  And that’s really the point, isn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Girls on Film – the Glee version”

  1. I have mixed feelings about it. Looking back, I was underwhelmed and disappointed by the Rio/HLTW mash-up they did before. The mash-up changed the songs just a little too much and performed in a way that didn’t go with the scene at all (an impromptu duet accompanied by a piano in a classroom wouldn’t sound so electronic and auto-tuned).

    GOF, on the other hand sounds very, very similar to the original, as if it were competent Karaoke. But because of that, it sounds like it has no spark. Not butchered, but not interesting either.

    I certainly don’t mind Glee using DD songs. It’s an easy way to get a younger generation aware of their music. Good things could come from that. My only real complaint is that fact that shows like this only seem to acknowledge the first 2 albums of the DD catalogue. There are sooo many DD songs that could be interwoven into a Glee storyline. Yet HLW, Rio, and GOF are all too often the default. .

    1. True on all counts, Lara. I really will try and remember to tune in tomorrow night to see how it’s woven into the show though, and I’ll probably blog about it if I get a chance! -R

  2. I guess I can never separate the video from the song. I always imagine, whether I want to or not, the nipple and the ice-cube, the whip creamed pole… the mud wrestling. And then Glee. )Glee(. I cannot reconcile the both in my head.

    The assessment that it was alright… but absolutely not interesting at all.

    And being sung with an American accent did not work for me at all.

  3. I didn’t know what to expect when I gave it a listen, especially since I remember when I listened to the HLTW/Rio mash-up, I thought it was only okay (and that was with me being generous).

    I actually thought that GOF was a pretty good cover (IMO way better than the attempt with HLTW/Rio). True, there was nothing new, nothing creative that I saw, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Chord Overstreet reminds me a lot of someone I’ve heard before, but I can’t quite place who. It did sound a bit boy-bandish to me, so maybe that’s what I am reminded of.

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