Give Me Strength At Least Give Me a Light

I have to apologize in advance for this blog post.  I’m tired and super duper crabby.  This has been a very busy week for me at work with progress reports and two reports on a specific student.  If that wasn’t enough, I had to go to an all day meeting and prepare for a substitute teacher.  Anyone who knows anything about teaching knows how much work that is!  It took away time to work on these reports.  I have been trying to complete my work at home with no luck as the computer programs are not working.  Of course, they are not.  Like I said, I’m in a bad mood.  Bad is an understatement.  Perhaps, this bad mood and stress is why I’m so frustrated that there is not a lot going on in Duranland.  I could definitely use the distraction.  Yes, I know that the band was at the exhibit of Denis O’Regan’s photography and book launch in London yesterday.  I have seen some pictures but have not heard many details.  I would love to get a guest blog from someone who was there to not only give the details but also a flavor of what was like!!!  Hint, hint…

Besides that appearance, I have heard nothing about the band.  I have seen nothing.  Now, before you all start criticizing me, yes, I do know that they have been working in the studio.  Yes, I know that creativity takes time.  I am also aware that it is a busy time of year for many/most people and that they have responsibilities to themselves and their families.  I get all that.  I do.  That said, the quiet is getting to me!  Durantime can truly suck.  Please tell me that I’m not the only one!  Am I the only one anxious for that album to get done?  Am I alone wishing that I had a tour to plan?  For whatever reason, I am really longing for those moments when a tiny snippet of a song appears on the internet so that I can spend time listening to it over and over and over again to try to figure out if it sounds like some other song/album/project and to get a sense of what this album will be like.  I remember when Mark Ronson played about 30 seconds of Blame the Machines on his radio show.  Rhonda and I listened over and over while discussing and dissecting it all.  What did we hear, musically?  What were the lyrics all about?  Now, I know that John talked about how they would release snippets when they were closer to getting the album out.  I admit it.  I’m impatient.  I also can’t help but to think about this time of year about 3 years ago when part of All You Need Is Now was released on iTunes.  While we didn’t have it all, we had enough.  We had more than enough.  We had new music and a new video to watch, to absorb into our Duranieness.  I am just missing that level of excitement, the sense of something new, the sense that the future would be nothing but fun.  Yes, new music means that there is something significant to look forward to.  Yet, right now, we wait.  I should be used to this by now, right?  We all should be.  Most days, I’m good.  I can be patient and understanding.  Today, though, I am weak.  This week, I suck.  I need something to look forward to.

Of course, on top of the stress from work and lack of time to work on much else, I also have been thinking about the UK Tour of 2011 and the East Coast Tour we went on in 2008.  This time of the year has seen many tours and shows for Rhonda and myself.  Now, I realize that we can’t go on tour now.  There are no shows to go to.  Yet, what I wouldn’t give right now for the distraction of planning a tour, which is dumb because I have a lot of other things that I should and do want to get done.  However, I can’t help how I feel.  I want tour dates.  Most Duranies get pretty dang excited when tour dates are announced.  Tour announcements mean lengthy conversations as Rhonda and I brainstorm which show(s) we could do, how we could travel there and travel between shows and more.  The planning trait of mine kicks into gear and I can’t settle until our plans are set.  Maybe it is a sickness that this kind of thing is enjoyable to me.  It means, though, not only seeing my best friend but also seeing other friends, traveling to fun places, meeting new people and seeing my favorite band do what they do best!!  As I type this, there is not even one little hint that a tour might be coming anytime soon.  I have to be patient, I know.  I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve unable to get to sleep due to excitement over Santa visiting except that I don’t know when Santa will be visiting.  Ugh.  Clearly, I’m just pathetic.

Maybe, I am just worried that I will run out of blog topics.  Yes, I realize that this might be hard to believe that I could run out of things to say or that Rhonda could.  After all, we blog every single day and have for over 3 years.  We have almost 1200 posts on here.  Obviously, we are opinionated and full of ideas, beliefs, observations, etc.  Eventually, we might run out of things to say if nothing new happens, right?  It is logical.  Okay, so I have a few things left to talk about.  One of those things will begin tomorrow.  While Rhonda is diving deeper into fanfic, I’m going to dive deeper into conventions.  Fan conventions.  I’ll let your mind wander about why.  Until then, I’ll continue to be annoyed at my paying job, wish my paying job was fandom related, and long for news about the album or a tour.  I promise to be calmer for the rest of the weekend after some sleep and a drink or four.


9 thoughts on “Give Me Strength At Least Give Me a Light”

  1. @EasternViolet here. I am with ya with regard to DuranTIme. So you're not alone on that front by any stretch. Chicago totally spoiled me. I'd love to start planning for something similar — soon! And I hope that things on the work front start behaving. And finally, I also agree and hope that there is a guest blog — hint hint — on the book launch! And in the meantime.. like Peter said, keep up the good work. I seriously doubt that you guys will run out of things to say. 😛

  2. I'm just bored. It's the time of year in a lot of ways, because really – aside from those of us who actually have to work in order to pay bills – who works in December?!? Probably not the band, so much!!

    As far as the snippets go – the trouble I find that is that John said maybe they'd release some when they got closer, which means they aren't at all close now, and that's depressing. They've been working on it for nearly a year now. Whether that's a “Yay, they must be making something REALLY fabulous!! or “Damn – a year?!? What the hell is taking so long!!” is up to each one of us to decide. I'm just glad they're not in a hurry to get anything done…they're certainly not failing at that goal. 😉

    However, for me..and for you, Amanda…I think we're gonna need to regroup. Maybe Daily Duranie needs to have a team building trip. 😀 😀


  3. I think we're right there with you, Amanda. No doubt about it. My heart sinks whenever I hear John say something about how he doesn't think they NEED to tour this year, that they've done it enough.

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “ENOUGH”. This band and their fan base was BUILT on words and ideals such as “excess”!!! *smiles* -R

  4. I try to look at their silence like a medal with two sides: the positive side is that they're wokring and taking all the time they need.
    Something is happening: I got an email from DDM fan Community telling me that in January 2014 we're going to hear, on exclusive, snippets off the new music.
    The “dark side of the moon” so to speak, is their isolation from the fandom after so much interacting (I mean by sharing new music snippets, by whatever other form of communication possible on the social sites) during the AYNIN years. Did we get them bothered, who did bother and why bother? Does inteacting with the fans make them suddenly feel older, more tired?
    We may have been badly hot fans for you, guys, but you need us!

  5. You know what is funny? In this blog post, I wasn't even thinking about fan interaction. I am not missing that, necessarily. I'm missing NEWS about them. I'm missing NEWS about the music and about touring. I'm frustrated with Durantime.


  6. So true, Amanda. It would just be nice to have something to talk about – even if it's 20 seconds (I'm pushing for 30) of one of their new songs. Or…one or all of them can agree to do an interview with us, I'm always up for that too. -R

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