Going crazy, wanna come along? Daily Duranie Book Club – Mad World


Well, we’re not really going crazy…but we’re definitely taking a trip down the MAD side of things because for the next several weeks, Amanda and I are going to talk about Mad World each Monday here on the blog, and we’d love for you to come along for the ride!

Just as we’ve done in the past, we’re going to do this as a sort of book club where we take a chapter or three each week (which amounts to discussing a few bands) and talk about them.  We want to open this up to discussion – so if you want to follow along and participate, feel free to comment with your thoughts as we go along. We encourage that here!

This will begin next week on the blog – and we’ll do the first 3 chapters in the book.  This gives you some time if you haven’t gotten your copy of the book yet!!


2 thoughts on “Going crazy, wanna come along? Daily Duranie Book Club – Mad World”

  1. Count me in. I went to the NY Book party last week and had a blast (how can you go wrong when Vince Clarke is the party DJ?! Glad you guys are going this!

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