Good Morning America (and the rest of the world of course!)

It’s never a bad thing to wake up, turn on the telly and watch Duran Duran tear it up on Good Morning America. It’s one of those early morning “breakfast” TV shows I typically avoid (Ok, I’ll be honest – it has more to do with it interfering with the beginnings of my day with driving kids to school and blogging than anything else.), but today I made the exception. Besides, it’s the first Monday that two out of my three are out of school, thus I could take my time today!

The band looked fantastic, they sounded even better, and I think they’re in fine shape for a good summer of touring…as long as they’re not asked to cut the ending of Sunrise short. ๐Ÿ˜€ (What was that screech on the guitar about Dom? Yes…I think we all heard that! I’ll chalk it up to your 5am call time and some jet lag.)

If you missed GMA and want to see the interview, go here.

We all know that this summer is going to be the last of the shows for some time while the band takes something we call “a lengthy vacation” and…if Roger Taylor is to be trusted…they will get back into the studio in January to start the entire process over again. I have a few general feelings about this:

1. Extreme melancholy because I hate to see good things come to an end, even if it’s just the tour for an incredibly good album.

2. Relief for my bank account. (and my husband’s extreme patience).

3. Anticipation for a fantastic 3 or 4 city “tour” of my own later this summer as a great way to end what has been a few of the best “fan” years of my life so far.

4. Anxiety. Why? I’m Rhonda. What’s life with me without some anxiety of what comes next?! ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย The band makes music and I worry. It’s what I do, and I do it well.

One thing I know for sure: I still love this band, and I think it’s fair to say I love them more now than ever. Even after all of the traveling, the crazy heartache, the annoyances…I still love them and I’m still having fun. Who can really ask for more than that?

See What Unfolds – Live…

Sometimes I completely miss things. For example, I never saw that DDM had a sort of contest going for people to go and see a private show in New York City later this week. I don’t know where I was or what I was up to – but I missed the news. In my own case, it didn’t matter much because there’s no way I’m getting on a plane to fly to New York, but the fact is – I didn’t even see the opportunity come up, so it came with great surprise to me when people started announcing they’d won tickets for a private show. I thought they were talking about getting into the studio for the GMA show until someone gave me a quick run-down on the details. Not much info was making it’s way to the fans other than the show would be in the evening in an indoor venue in Manhattan. Seems reasonable, right?

Well, as Gimme A Wristband reported late last week, this show is a general admission show sponsored by Trident gum and DJ Steve Aoki for 3,000 lucky fans. As I understand, 500 tickets were given away to DDM members, with the rest of the tickets going to other people. I hope they’re fans of some sort, otherwise this could get ugly. The purpose of the show is, as it’s named, to see what unfolds.ย The band will play 4-5 songs, Steve Aoki will remix an original live track and the crowd will go wild. Right?

Somehow, given the various excited posts with hopes and dreams listed for all to see – I worry (see, more worrying!) that this is not quite the show fans were thinking it would be. Of course, the show hasn’t happened yet so it’s hard to tell how it will all go over, but when I’m reading things about how fans hope they play some B-sides and how “intimate” they hope the show will be for John Taylor’s birthday party with fans, it’s not hard to see that at least some may have quite the let-down coming.

Realistically though, is this any fault of the band or their “people”? I’d have to argue no. In no way have I or did I see any mention of what type of show this would be beyond the albeit very generic description of “4-5 songs in an indoor venue”. That leaves the door pretty open for interpretation, and while I do think the band could have made it a little more clear (perhaps saying that it’s a GA show for up to 3,000 people), I don’t think they intended for fans to believe they were going to get the show of a lifetime, but rather a fun opportunity to see a short performance from the band. Over the weekend I saw more than a few pointed remarks made on the band’s Facebook page or tweeted to them, requesting special perks for fan club members (early entry as well as other meet and greet requests), who, by their own accord had spent a lot of money being able to fly to NYC on relatively short notice. It’s easy to say “Buyer Beware” here, sure. The fact remains that we’re all adults, and we should all know better than to book a flight at the first mere mention of a show, even if I myself am among the very guilty at times! ย Even so, should we decide to make those flight arrangements, we have no one to thank but ourselves when that “show of a lifetime” turns out to be little more than watching a DJ remix a song live in front of us. That said, it could easily turn out to be a fantastic show. No one really knows what will happen, and the potential for a good time still remains. I certainly hope that the fans who attend have a great time. The show is Wednesday night, and I hope to hear great things!

If you’re looking for a good example of what Steve Aoki might do to a Duran song – look no further.

With that, I bid you adieu, and I’m still looking for Guest Bloggers! ย If you want to review a song, an album, a concert or share a rare tidbit on the band (among almost any other DD topic in the world), please – send it in because we’d love to post it here on the blog!!


6 thoughts on “Good Morning America (and the rest of the world of course!)”

  1. Just found your blog while trying to find the interview from GMA today. — Always glad to find another Duranie! And I got a kick out of Today in history. I was at that concert at the Centrum in 1987! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am glad that you brought up the NYC concert contest and all the misconceptions and secrets around it. I must admit, I almost got swept up in the mania as I was one of the 500 lucky winners. I almost booked an airline ticket & hotel to attend and almost dragged my Duranie friend with me because I too thought hmmm…maybe they are planning a special expereince just for their members to give back to us…but something in my gutt (and my husband telling me I was crazy to hop on a plane for 4-5 songs) and bits of info I started reading on the message board made me take a pass. I am glad that I did because soon after I passed on it I found out it is a 3,000 person GA show and that for me is not worth flying in for. This contest tested my fandom and the lengths I will go for this band. While I do agree that fans (myself included) shouldn't jump to conclusions, I do feel that Duran's camp could have given us a little more info so that we wouldn't jump to conclusions. The way the contest was presented to only VIP members and the “secretive” nature around it, I feel lead to the misconceptions that insued. I hope those that are going have a great time….I personally am glad that I will at home waiting to see a full concert in August.

  3. How funny, I was just about to post that I was at that concert at the Worcester Centrum as well! I had seen Powerstation there in August 1985, so had seen John and Andy perform before, but that June 1987 show was my very first Duran Duran concert! I remember my friends and I were seated right in front of the mixing board (we could see which songs were coming up in the set list) and we rented a limo to get there and back. Those were the days when renting a limo was just oh so cool! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My cousins in Italy had gone to the Duran Duran concert at the Palermo Stadium three weeks earlier. The entire stadium floor was all GA–which makes a GA show today by comparison look like a piece of cake! And it poured like crazy while they were waiting for the show to start – very unusual to get that kind of rain there in late May – so they sat out there getting soaked. In fact, there is a video clip on Youtube somewhere showing the audience, and you can see one of my cousins sitting on her brother-in-law's shoulders swaying and waving her hands in the air! They were able to give me a description of the show before the US leg of the tour started – Worcester was the first stop in the US I believe.

    Hope you'll forgive my little trip down memory lane, but those were some really good times!


  4. I know what you mean, and yet I do feel some sort of loyalty to DD's people because I really and truly don't think they meant to mislead anyone here. While I agree wholeheartedly that there were things omitted from the description, I really don't know if it was because they CHOSE to omit that information or if it's because at the time – they really didn't have it to share. I can certainly understand and lament over the words “secret”, “private” and how enticing that sounds – I mean, I still spend a fair amount of time hugging my Duran books and daydreaming about having them do a private show in my house…so I know the energy such words tend to incite. Sometimes, it's just really hard to be a mere fan of a band for 30 plus years, isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜€ -R

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