Got Me Trapped

It’s time for another confessional, Daily Duranie-style!

Today was the last day of learning center for my kids before a much deserved winter break. Two weeks of not having to get up before it’s light outside, two glorious weeks of not dealing with traffic, having to listen to talk-radio (it’s all that my son will tolerate the first thing in the morning) or begging my youngest to please get up out of bed and get dressed, well after her alarm has gone off (and she’s shut it off only to go back to bed!).
As my two grabbed their backpacks and gifts for their teachers out of my car and made their way past the new guard gate to their classrooms,  I pulled out of the parking lot – I hit “shuffle” on my phone so that I could listen to music on the way home. I really do like having that little bit of time to just listen to my own music as I’m driving back home – while the drive to school takes about an hour most days, the drive home only takes about a half-hour, but it’s enough time to clear my head.  One of the songs that came up today was “All Along the Water” off of Liberty. I know many of our readers would have quickly hit “next”.  I didn’t.  In fact, and this is where the “confessional” comes in, I actually LIKE the song. A lot.

Yes, I know what the song is supposedly about. I can hear the lyrics and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to decipher them. I don’t really care.  In fact, I don’t really care in the same way that I don’t really care that any time he’s asked about his lyrics, he likes to fall back on the whole “it’s about SEX” thing as an answer.  The thing is, the song usually wakes me up, gets me moving, and I like that it’s especially cheeky, too. Who cares??

I know many fans don’t like Liberty, and count it among their least favorite albums. Personally, I like it, and I’m totally OK with being an outsider on that one. I love “Serious”. I like “Violence of Summer”, particularly when I’m belting it at the top of my lungs while driving home at 2am (long story). “All Along the Water” is one of my favorites on the album. It’s fun, and there are times, this morning included, when I need a little frivolity to start the day! No, maybe it’s not the most serious piece of music the band has ever written. I guess it’s probably not going to be one of their masterpieces in the same way I would venture to guess “Paper Gods” or “The Universe Alone” will become. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes, music is just supposed to be FUN. For me, that song fits the description! I’d love to see them do it live. Can you imagine?? (No, you probably can’t…but I sure can!)

For me, this holiday season has not been especially easy. I’ve had to start being a little more creative in finding some enjoyment. It has been the small moments – things I overlooked in past years I think, that have put a smile on my face and made me appreciate the season and life in general. Things like watching The Polar Express with my youngest (and keeping her up WAY past her bedtime to do it!), listening to her sing “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”, or listening to her sing her solo part in “What Does the Fox Say” over and over and over…and over…again (because of course she’d get a solo part in that song!), taking my son to see the college of his dreams and witnessing him practically beam over being there, playing “Uno” late at night with the two older kids,  seeing tweets from band members about shows they’ve done or are going to do next year, and yes…hearing songs like “All Along the Water” come up on shuffle.  It has been the little things that have kept me going lately.

Dear readers: name your guiltiest (DD song) pleasures! What song do you find yourself bopping your head to, even though you’re sure it would be met with scorn by the rest of the community?  I’ll be interested to read your responses!





9 thoughts on “Got Me Trapped”

  1. One of my guilty pleasure songs is also from Liberty album … First Impression. I used to dream breaking into that song in front of all the band members backstage ♡

  2. I have four Duran guilty pleasure songs: Yo Bad Azizi, Venice Drowning, Downtown, and Mars Meets Venus. These songs ALL bring a smile to my face.

  3. I like Liberty alot. VOS is a fav to blast in my earphones on the train after an aggravating day. Serious & Liberty are favs too. I don’t consider them guilty pleasures – others might- UMF, Electric Barbarella and no matter how I try not to – Dancephobia makes me move!!!

    1. I like Can You Deal With It, Tempted and Drowning Man. They are on my workout playlist (so is All Along the Water!). For a true guilty pleasure, I sometimes like Bedroom Toys, as ridiculous as it is. Simon’s “oh my god, what’s this” is funny.

  4. My guilty pleasures has to be their version of Watching the Decectives. I freaking love that song! Warren’s guitar playing is stellar and the backup singers voice is perfect!!!! I just loooove it! I know it gets a lot of flack, but I adore it!

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who loves Violence of Summer, it picks me up if I’m having a crappy day! I also love Bedroom Toys, it’s so funny and cheeky and Danceophobia really DOES make me want to dance. Despite the criticism that theThank You album got, I love Simon’s voice on Thank You and Crystal Ship, I think his singing on those 2 songs is absolutely beautiful.

  6. Right now my guilty pleasure is Dancophobia (yes!!)
    Liked it soon after Paper Gods came out, but I really got a kick out of seeing it live! You will find me at the most inappropriate times humming or singing… It’s a bit like bedroom toys- (lyrics maybe not as cringeworthy) -which makes me smile as well!

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