Guest Blog: Favourite Band Member and Being a Young Duranie

By Sian:

Duran Duran and John Taylor’s bass playing have always been a big inspiration to me.  I’ve loved 80s music for about as long as I can remember.  Most of the time, I did not know that it was music from that specific period that I loved so much.  In 2010, I finally became interested in music, thus, the beginning of my Duranie life!

John is my favourite.  I love him and his bass playing.  I understand how he got his inspiration from Chic!  I love the bass-lines from 70s disco music and I can see the influence it had on him.  John is a really big idol for me.  I hope I can meet him one day.  I did nearly get the chance to go to the Manchester signing for his book but the tickets were sold out.  My dad did try to get tickets from eBay but they sold for over £200.  I don’t think my dad was that eager to spend that much on me!  Haha!  I would have told him how his bass playing made me want to play bass.  Also, I would say that I literally adore the outfit he wears on the Sing Blue Silver tour.  I plan to make a dress based off it.  It’s so cool!

Andy is a close second behind John as my favourite.  I don’t understand why he gets hated on sometimes.  I even made a video on youtube.  (Ok.  I thought only my friends would see it, but turns out I got through to more people than that!)  You can find it here.

That video is from when I had my John Taylor fringe.  I doubt I’m the first Duranie to do that!  But, yes, I do love Andy.  He’s brilliant.

It’s quite interesting to be surrounded by fans that saw Duran in the 80s.  They were there to see them from the beginning to their highest point in fame, all the way up to now.  I feel like I’ve missed out on quite a lot, but, then again, I am quite lucky to have the extensive length of their discography at my fingertips.  I’d also feel quite bad, if I knew that my idol was addicted to cocaine, at the time I was idolising him, too.  I’m so glad that John and Andy are over their drug and alcohol problems.

It’s kind of fun to talk to older fans, too!  They have some funny stories!  My friend Katie, her mum said that she nearly wrote into ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ to ask to ‘ride on a horse on a beach with Simon Le Bon like he had in the Rio video’.  She never sent the letter off.  I think she’s glad she didn’t now that she knows about ol’ Jimmy Sav.  (Daily Duranie asks for more of explanation of this for us non-UKers!) 
I like to kind of ‘connect’ with 80s Duran Duran, if you will, by collecting merch from certain parts in their career, such as old magazines.  It’s great to read those as I can see what the band was doing at that certain time!

I’m a big fan of art and drawing, so naturally, I draw lot of doodles of the band.  Here is my personal favourite painting I have done of John (please ignore the ‘arty’ angle, it was a phase.  Haha!  ):

Duran Duran has helped me through a lot.  Funny story.  I ordered the full set of the Topps 1985 stickers from eBay and I randomly took them to one of my check up sessions with my doctor at CAMHS.  I gave him one of Nick to stick on my case file.  Now my doctor wants the rest of the band!  Now, I give him one every time I go for a check up.  He has Nick and Simon so far!

Bio:  Sian is a 17-year-old Duranie from the Manchester area.  She spends most of her days staring into the face of John Taylor to the point where his face is imprinted on her mind.  She is studying art and design and hopes to become an illustrator. 

6 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Favourite Band Member and Being a Young Duranie”

  1. For those readers not from the UK, “Jim'll Fix It” was a tv programme in the 80's where you could write in with a wish and Jim would select a few each week to make come true.
    Unfortunately over the last couple of years allegations have been made against the presenter Jimmy Saville around predatory behaviour towards young girls and vulnerable adults.


  2. I very much can relate to this “young Duranie” and their guest blog. I too was considered a young Duranie when I first became a fan all on my own. I was 14 in 1995 with the release of Thank You, and it was the first album that I bought for myself. It was the beginning of the rest of my life. Duran Duran have influenced my life for its entirety thanks to a sister 11 years my senior being a Duranie in their “heyday” so to speak, so I had been exposed to all the records and side projects throughout my childhood. I'm 32 now and I can safely say I have remained a far bigger fan than my sister ever was. She only remained a fan for those few years in the 1980's where my love, devotion and fervor has been flourishing for the past 18 years and continues to do so!

  3. Sian,

    Nice to hear from a younger fan. I think we all have been in your shoes and it is such a wonderful time to enjoy. I've seen my ups and downs but I remain a fan on my own terms. Andy Taylor is my favorite. He's raw and very knowledgeable. He also has a great sense of humor even if it is somewhat wild at times. Thanks for sharing your story. It brought a smile to an otherwise slow day.

  4. Andy is a really great guy, i think everyone just mis-understands him at times. I love how much energy he has on stage, he's like a little rabbit :3

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