Happy Anniversary Paper Gods!

Today is the one year anniversary of Paper Gods.  It is hard to believe that the album was released a whole year ago.  In order to celebrate the anniversary, the band released the official video for Last Night in the City (at midnight Eastern time) and then a little video from Simon discussing the special occasion.

Last Night in the City:

Here’s the video of Simon:

Of course, Rhonda and I had lots to say about the video, Simon’s video and the anniversary itself.  In order to fit our thoughts into one blog, a video blog seemed most appropriate!

After listening to all of our thoughts, what you think about the video or about what Simon had to say?  We would love to know!


One thought on “Happy Anniversary Paper Gods!”

  1. Happy anniversary Paper Gods, first of all !!!
    Awesome album ..
    Lovely V-log ladies.
    Simon mentioned in particular that “it is the soldest album of the past 20 years, since DD2 of 1993.”
    That’s news, as I expected All You Need is Now to have sold more than PG is doing.
    It is interesting, because they have RIO as the soldest featuring Andy, they have the 1993 album the soldest one featuring Warren and this one featuring Dom: every fan of each era is now sort of “represented and honored”.

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