Happy Birthday Amanda!!

Today marks a very special holiday because it is Amanda’s birthday!!!  I am celebrating the day she was born because without her, Daily Duranie would not exist, I would not be writing as quickly as possible to finish what has essentially become a brand new manuscript, I would not have ever gone to the UK to see Duran Duran the first time…much less the second…and chances are I wouldn’t be planning to see them again this summer (and definitely not so many times!)

Dear Amanda, I’m not saying you completely corrupted me but…

You *are* the one holding the whole bottle…

Amanda does so many things for this blog that go unnoticed – she works incredibly hard to keep us on track and to make sure that SOMETHING is posted every single day, even if it’s the poll – just because she feels very strongly about this site and what we’ve built. She is an incredible partner, and gives so much of herself, I just had to take some time to say thank you.

I know that even today, as I take time to celebrate with my own birthday girl here in this house (my youngest shares Amanda’s birthday!), that Amanda will say she’s still going to write because she wants to keep the schedule. I admire her work ethic, and I also really wish she would take time for herself because I know she deserves the opportunity to sit back and recognize just how much she really does, and not for herself (I really don’t know anyone as selfless as Amanda), but for the world in general. The world is a better place because she was born, which is something we should all celebrate. 🙂

Amanda, I hope you have a fantastic birthday, my friend. I’m sorry we can’t celebrate together – even with a Vodka Friday today, but we will chat tomorrow, and the real celebration will come in July.  🙂

I do hope the band is prepared.

Happy Birthday!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amanda!!”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) TRULY, One Of The Nicest Girls I Know!:) HOPE IT`S WONDERFUL With A Year To Match!:)<3<3<3

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