Happy Birthday John Taylor, and welcome back to insanity!!

I should never grow complacent.  That is the lesson here.  The moral of the story.  Not quite the silver lining, but the one thing that I should have learned by now that quite obviously, I haven’t.  I tend to believe that life is about learning lessons, and you keep having the same overall problem thrown at you until you finally GET the lesson.  Then life starts in teaching you something else.

My problem here is that I keep getting the same problem tossed my way, and instead on actually learning whatever it is I’m supposed to learn – I only see the details.  I forget the real lesson.  Funny how in hindsight I see it oh-so-clearly, yet in my daily life I miss it completely.  I fix the details, forget the lesson.

I figured today would be a normal Monday, except that I have my sons graduation from 6th grade today.  A moment I never really thought would arrive has somehow come into focus.  I’m still dealing with the anxiety that come September, not only will I be trying to go to some Duran Duran shows here in the US….but I’ll be driving my son to junior high school.

Has it gotten cold in here??  I’m starting to shake!

Where was I?  Oh yes – it’s Monday.  I got on the computer, planning to blog about what it really means to be a stalker. Instead, I see that not only have the UK dates been rescheduled (headache begins), but a date has been added for the Mountain Winery in Napa (a migraine type feeling comes over me), AND it’s John Taylor’s birthday. (yes, I saw that one coming, but the headache is in full raging mode now)

Complacency is my enemy.  I suppose my first mistake was assuming that since it didn’t really seem as though Simon was improving that quickly (although I’ve read he is getting better), I still had time to play!  I figured I had months of “What does it really mean to be a stalker”, type of blogs left to write.  I thought that I’d be working steadily on my “Social Networking” chapter for the book for at least another couple of weeks. (actually, I really mean that I’d be STARTING that chapter….)  I figured that at the least, I’d have a few more weeks of buttering up my husband to do before I’d have to spring the new dates on him.  Mostly though, I just didn’t allow myself to even think about getting back on the “should I stay or should I go to the UK” roller coaster again.  I grew complacent and tried to put the band in the back of my mind.

Now I’m going to act out the next best thing to complacency.  It’s called procrastination.  As in, I’m procrastinating about dealing with these UK dates, any California dates…or dates at all.  I will bury my head in the sand, go to my sons graduation, and put the rest in the back of mind to occasionally nag me at about 2:30 in the morning.

So with that, I intend to wish the bass player a VERY happy anniversary of his 50th birthday.  We won’t even say what anniversary this is…because I am nothing if not supportive, and apparently a bit of an enabler in my own right!  I’m right on board with the idea of just skipping the birthdays from here on out, I only wish I’d thought of that back when I turned 25 as opposed to well, 40.  Oh well.  Live and learn.   Or not.

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