Happy Birthday, Mr. Brown!!!

June is a VERY special month for Duran Duran and for Duranies!  Why?  Simple.  We all celebrate 3 birthdays!  Yes, THREE!!!  First, we  celebrated Nick’s on the 8th.  Later, we will celebrate John’s on the 20th but today, we get to celebrate Dom Brown’s birthday!!!

This morning, Duran Duran’s official social media sites posted the following:  “Happy, happy birthday to the very talented Duran Duran guitarist Dom Brown Music ! He’s in tour rehearsals, hope he has time for cake!”  This message is music to my ears!  Of course, I hope he has time for cake but I love, love, love hearing that he is busy in tour rehearsals.  If you know this blog at all, then you know that we are fans of Dom.  We like Dom.  We are VERY glad that he is in the band.  Yes, I did say in the band.  He is to us.  Absolutely.  Always.  Therefore, we are super glad that we will be able to see him around during this upcoming tour!

So, how should we celebrate him?  Simple.  Let’s celebrate his work and the good times surrounding him!

Rhonda and I first saw Dom play in Chicago in March of 2005 when he will filling in for Andy.  Frankly, I don’t think I thought too much about him that night.  I was in front of John and was just super relieved that the show was still happening!  By the next year, however, we were open-minded enough to give him a shot when Andy left.  Despite still being on John’s side for that October 2006 show at the Sears Center in Chicago, both Rhonda and I took note of him and were impressed.  He just seemed to fit.  It wasn’t like pushing a square peg in a round hole.  No.  He just fit easily into the band and their live performance.  Thus, by the time I saw him singing backing vocals in Sunrise, I welcomed him to the band.  True story.

In fact, we welcomed him to the band in true Duranie fashion by holding up a sign for him at the next show in New Orleans at the Voodoo Music Festival.

oops...wrong sign. Well, we held this one up too!

What was particularly cute about this sign?  The fact that Simon and John saw it but Dom didn’t!  Yes, we are AWESOME!

By 2007, my status as a fan for Dom not only maintained but increased when I happened to see the DoJo.  As a John fan, I have always appreciated the JoSi (the times that John and Simon “interact” on stage).  By the Broadway shows, I not only had the JoSi to appreciate but the DoJo, too!!

Of course, we discovered that the DoJo could do magical things like not only making Rhonda tolerate Hungry Like the Wolf but even sort of…kind of…look forward to it live!  Imagine that!

Of course, Mr. Brown’s talents go beyond his musical experiences with Duran as he is just a great musician as seen by these solo live clips!

Of course, Dom is just a really great guy as well based on the fact that he was willing to sign cd inserts for us or wear a certain blog’s wristband as seen here!





Dom wristband

On that note, we wish Dom the very happiest of birthdays!!!  We cannot wait to see you on the road, Mr. Brown!!!



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