Happy Birthday Mr. LeBon!!

I can’t believe that it is already Simon’s birthday again!!  Wasn’t his last birthday just a month ago or so?!  Time definitely seems to be speeding up or maybe it is just that I have been so busy in the last year!  Anyway, today marks the day when the Duran universe stops, acknowledges and celebrates the lead singer, the frontman…Mr. Simon LeBon.  Obviously, we are no different as we will do the same.  This post will first acknowledge Simon’s official birthday message.  Then, it will show some fan acknowledgements followed by some Simon himself.

Typically, when a birthday rolls around, there is a message posted on dd.com, the band’s official website.  This year is a bit different as Simon’s message is a recorded one, an audio one.  The link is still found on the official website, which you can find here.  I’ll speak for myself to say that I think it is a nice touch to have Simon’s “voice” thanking everyone for his birthday wishes, gifts, notes, and well wishes.  He even ends the message with a “I love you all”, which is nice.  While the message wasn’t especially new or different from previous or other birthday messages, the audio made it different and a little bit more special.  People could also post comments right on the sound cloud page, which provides another avenue for fans to express their well wishes!

Of course, fans around the world have been tweeting or posting happy birthday messages.  There is no way that Duranies could forget this day as there are so many pictures that have been tweeted and posted along with the birthday greetings.  I have seen a lot of pictures people have taken of or with Simon.  Profile pictures and cover pictures have been changed to pictures of Simon.  It is pretty overwhelming when I checked into the online Duran world today and I only see a fraction of it.  I can’t imagine what Duran Duran’s twitter or facebook has been like today!  I’m sure that it has been beyond crazy!  Simon’s twitter, I’m sure, is completely overloaded!  Yet, beyond these individual responses, there has been some more official efforts to acknowledge Simon’s birthday.  First, Duranasty updated today.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Duranasty, it is an absolutely fabulous online entertainment website.  There is usually revealing information, links to other articles about Duran and beyond wonderful photographs of the band.  This one is particularly fabulous as it dives into the 50 years of Simon’s career with some phenomenal pictures and information about his work in show business as a child.  All Duran fans should check it out here.  I know that I’m simply in awe over it!!!!  Second, as many of you know, there has been a tremendous effort to compile birthday messages in one place.  The website showing all of these fabulous messages looks great and I definitely offer praise to the organizers!  You can see that page here!  Check it out, if you included a message or not.  Again, all of these fan efforts show me how much we all love and appreciate Simon!!!

Now, last year, I included lots of different Simon performances to celebrate him.  You can find that post here.  I didn’t want to include clips that I have already done (even though some of those are the best clips ever!!!).  Thus, I thought about what should be included.  Here is what I came up with…a Simon on his own!

Grey Lady of the Sea!  (Simon loves to sail after all and this features clips about his voyage on Drum in 1985!  Classic.)

Simon singing Ordinary World with Pavarotti.  (I remember hearing an interview in which Simon described how this was a “mega moment” for his mother.  I bet!)

Simon’s song, Dream Boy, featured on the soundtrack for the movie, Love Kills.

The making of the song, Nobody Knows, which is the theme song for an online animated show with his friend, Nick Wood.

I always enjoy celebrating a band member’s birthday by appreciating his talent and Simon is no different.  It is a reminder that his birth, like the rest of the guys, is truly a gift to us all.  Happy Birthday Simon!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. LeBon!!”

  1. I had to chime in with my own “Happy Birthday” to Simon. I hope he has/had a wonderful day with his family and people he loves…and many more years of good health, happiness and all that good stuff ahead. So glad that we have the opportunity to shout out our birthday wishes to him these days. 🙂


  2. Simon is the performer music industry can't live without.
    He has made music industry live better days.
    Proud of being a long time fan.
    Best wishes, boy!

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