Happy Birthday Nick!

Dearest Nicholas,

The happiest of birthdays to you, Mr. Controller. I can’t say for certain that my friends and I were the first to bestow that moniker upon you, but I do know that we began using that name in 2003 on our message board and it seemed to spread from there. There is not much that pleases me more than hearing your own bandmates use it in reference to you. It is like the gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

I must admit, I have no idea of what you’re doing (or have done) to celebrate this momentous day, but whether it is sorting photographs, taking more photos (which of course will then need to be sorted at some point in the future), working on a musical…trying out new eyeliners…or watching films you’ve been hoping to make time to see but somehow have missed until now, I sincerely hope you have a lovely day.

As you might imagine, I…and thousands of others just like me…dearly miss seeing you on stage, peering down over the top of your keyboards with the occasional knowing smirk. I sincerely miss the joyful expression on your face as Amanda and I duck during the near-misses in the Spit Zone, or as my eyes automatically roll as the first drum beats of Hungry Like the Wolf hit my ears. Those moments, along with many others, make me laugh, and the memories continue to keep a smile on my face.

I can only hope to be in the audience again sometime soon. I will look your way and grin, whether or not you look or notice, but it will indeed be a wonderful “reunion” of sorts. Please stay safe, wash your hands, take care of yourself and Nefer, and have a wonderful birthday!


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