Happy Birthday to Us! 9 Years and Counting!

So, on this fateful day in 2010, Rhonda and I decided to venture into the blogging world. The premise of this blog was a simple one: let’s blog everyday about Duran Duran. How hard could it be? We could talk about a video, something in history or whatever. Easy. No problem. Somehow, someway, we have managed to post over 5000 times. Dedication? Insanity? You decide. Rhonda thinks that it is already quite clear. Instead of writing our tremendously witty and insightful comments, we thought it might be slightly more interesting to do a video blog (with drinks!). On that note, here is our delightfully lengthy video. We recommend getting provisions before you start. In particular, you may want your favorite beverage to toast with us at the end of the video.


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