Happy Duranie Anniversary to Me!

Around this time every year, I celebrate my Duranie anniversary.  In 1984, around April, I fell in love with the song and the video for the Reflex.  Since then, I use the song’s release as the official date for the beginning of my fandom.  That’s right.  It means that I can now say that I’ve been a fan, a Duranie since 1984, for 34 years.  Ouch.  That makes me feel old.  Today, then, as part of my celebration, I am going to post songs, videos, pictures or whatever that I love connected to this crazy fandom of mine.

Let’s start with my favorite song from a tour I adored:

The Paper Gods Tour, on the other hand, was simply amazing for so many reasons.  Here are a few highlights:

Speaking of New Moon on Monday, let’s include a couple of my favorite videos!

I always enjoy screaming for these two!

And these two!


Of course, my fandom has brought amazing times.  Sometimes, when I am really lucky, the moments are both amazing and amusing.

The best part of fandom, though, is friendship.

I suppose, as I end this little mini-celebration, it would be logical to acknowledge the video that solidified my fan status.

34 years and counting!


One thought on “Happy Duranie Anniversary to Me!”

  1. Happy anniversary Amanda!
    Glad to have you in the Fan community.
    My own fandom is related to The Reflex as well, but to its clip that I first watched ever in August of the same year.

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