Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

For Americans, this is a special day – our Independence Day. It’s actually my most favorite holiday of the year, and as you are reading this, I am likely waking up in my trailer – because I have gone camping for the weekend with the family. We are at a place called Vail Lake in Southern California, and with any luck – it will not be ninety degrees today. As far as I’m aware, my day will consist of time on the lake, some swimming, relaxing, and maybe even listening to a band that is not Duran Duran play…and of course fireworks. My favorite part!

So, as I bid you adieu for the weekend (Amanda is back blogging tomorrow), I thought I would leave you with a couple of videos that remind me somewhat of fireworks and Fourth of July.


Can’t get enough of New Moon on Monday
Wild Boys…John Taylor on a car. Is there really anything else we need to know??
What Happens Tomorrow – Corny? Yes, maybe…

One song I wish they’d play again…Edge of America!

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