Happy New Year’s Eve!

This is just a short blog today, as I am getting prepared to head out with my family to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We party pretty heavily here, with a dinner out and then home for an extended session of Rock Band if we can convince the kids to play…HA!

I wanted to take a moment to wish our readers a very happy and peaceful New Year. I am hoping that 2016 brings everyone a sense of calm, happiness, health, love, great music, and enduring friendship.

One of the more romanticized parts of New Year’s Eve is not knowing what the future will hold, yet looking ahead and hoping for the best. Like anyone, I also think about the future with a sense of hope, something that I suppose has grown to be more difficult to do recently with the crazy world we live in.

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming US shows next year. They seem to be a long way off as I write, but I know that the time will fly by as it usually does, and before long I will be compiling notes from the shows and sharing news here. As always, there is an open, standing invitation for guest bloggers, whether you would like to write a show review or your thoughts on any part of fandom or Duran Duran fandom. Please check out our page on guest blogging for more info – and if you’d like to cover a show or two for us and be a Daily Duranie Special Correspondent please let us know!  🙂

I’m off until Monday, so have a wonderful New Year!!


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