Happy Sixth Birthday Daily Duranie!

Happy Birthday!  Happy Anniversary!

I never really know which is the right phrase to use, so I’ll use both today.

Six years and counting.  Daily Duranie – this very website you’re viewing – has been around six years as of today. I can remember the morning I first sat down and typed out the first blog. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was pretty sure no one would read it. (I was probably right).  If you want to see our first blog, here ya go.

A lot happens in six years. The table I first sat at to blog is long gone. One of my kids has graduated, I homeschool now.  I’m WORKING now (well, not quite yet but I’m waiting for my start date as I type!).  We’ve gone through one entire album cycle – writing to release to tour – and we’re about halfway (give or take) through another.  We’ve written, learned, won, lost and are still writing.  We’ve come close, come so far, but yet still haven’t quite gotten there yet.

Originally as I sat down to write this, I wanted to do some shout-outs to thank some people responsible for helping to get Amanda and I to this very point. I started to list names and reasons, and then realized that if I forgot someone, there might be hard feelings. It is the kind of thing that will honestly keep me up at night with worry, even though I would never intentionally forget someone.  I just can’t take the chance.  So thank you. To all of you reading, and even to some who are likely not. No, you don’t know exactly to whom I am referring – but if you’re reading this, you can safely assume you’re on the list.

My husband came up with this insane idea of a blog about six and a half years ago. I tossed around the idea for months before I ever did a single thing about it, although I had thought about starting a blog a few times over the years. I don’t know exactly what it was – the final “straw”, so to speak – that made me finally decide to ask Amanda about writing a blog.  I think that what it came down to was that our message board was slowly but surely dying.

I found myself missing the ability to really talk with people about…THE STUFF.  What do I mean?  You know… all of those things we talk about when it comes to Duran Duran: their music, videos, media, other press, their keen fashion sense… the list goes on.  So this blog, in its earliest days, was to serve that purpose.

Much has changed in six years. But one thing has really stayed the same – I still love writing this blog. Not long ago I had a discussion with Amanda about the possibility of future shows (for me). Even if I were never able to attend another show, I’d still blog. When times have been difficult, and I’ve lost sight of where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, writing has helped.

The blog makes me feel connected, and I suppose it has given my fandom some purpose. I’ve met some wonderful people as a direct result of being Daily Duranie. Hosting parties, get togethers and even conventions tends to make one a little recognizable – and sometimes there’s just no hiding even when my first instinct is to crouch in a corner.  So, I’m thankful that blogging has forced me to come out of my shell a little bit.  (you can read that with sarcasm or without!)

With each passing year, Amanda and I would get excited as our daily calendar flipped toward September 13. Another year. We celebrated and did a fair amount of patting ourselves on the back because we felt like we’d conquered another height. It wasn’t so much about feeling like we’d done so much as it was that we were proud for sticking with it, even when life got tough. This year, we really didn’t say much to one another other than what we shared in our video on Sunday, and we knew we wouldn’t have time to really celebrate together during the week.  Sounds like we’ve hit middle age, really!

Six years. Not too bad. Still a lot more I’d like to see happen.  Amanda and I have some projects ahead to continue and a convention we’d like to try getting off the ground.  If I had to characterize where we are right now – comedian Steve Harvey says it best: I think we’re in the same place we’ve been for a while. We’re on the edge of a cliff, parachutes ready, and we have to decide that yes, we’re gonna jump.

Jumping means putting our faith into something and just going for it. No safety net…and our parachute isn’t going to open right away.  Jumping requires a bit of a free fall at first.  Are we willing to go for it?  Neither of us are very good with risks.  We like safety, complete with back-up plans. Jumping has no guarantees. I suppose that’s the thrill.  We have to make the decision to jump.

I suppose this whole blogging thing wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  🙂    Happy Birthday Daily Duranie.





5 thoughts on “Happy Sixth Birthday Daily Duranie!”

  1. Even though I haven’t been with you for the full six years (shockingly, I have only been online for 2 years) – Happy Birthversary! Thank you for your hard work and helping me to make the decision to jump too! Your blog and message board were my first connection with other fans and gave me the courage to put my creative stuff out there for all to see. I wonder what will be happening by your 10th birthday? Hopefully another album and tour in progress!

    1. I cannot even BEGIN to imagine what might be happening by the time we reach birthday #10. It will be very interesting to see, that is for sure.

      We should all try jumping. I wonder what might happen?!? 🙂 -R

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